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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

 Welcome to the West by The Diversified Diner

Head ‘em up, move ‘em out.
If you enjoy country-western music, wood floor boards – complete with knot holes – and mixed drinks in a relaxed atmosphere then you’ll appreciate Door 142 Restaurant and Bar in Fredericktown. Housed on the street-level of a three story early 20th century hotel, Door 142 welcomes diners and drinkers.

Upon entering, I get a wave from a woman behind the bar. I assume we seat ourselves. Taking a table, a server greets me. She takes my order and I sit and watch the woman behind the bar feeding herself. While I enjoy a casual atmosphere, I find it unprofessional and distracting to watch an employee stab food and continually fork feed herself.

Knox Eats 3 forks

Three bar patrons chat, drink and eat. Then I notice a young child – maybe 10-years-old mingling among the bar patrons. Isn’t it against the law to allow minors in a bar? I wonder.

Country music booms in the background with, “Louisiana Saturday Night.”

Voices echo, two TVs are on, and I have a hard time hearing my dinner partner. Maybe it’s because the restaurant isn’t crowded and noise echoes.

I amuse myself with the antique décor including original doors from the once-busy hotel. Framed black and white pictures hang on the wall with barb wire. Occasionally I look down to insure the leg of my chair isn’t sinking into a large knot hole. “This could be a truck stop in Wyoming,” quips my partner.

Two adult diners amble in and take a table. She orders a Margarita. The server delivers my beverage, an Angus burger and hot, hot French fries on a large, white square plate. I eat my fries first; they’re like large crunchy planks with a soft center. Lightly salted and steaming. I love ‘em. Western songs play.

The Angus burger is piled with fresh tomato, lettuce, and onion. I take a bite and it’s a bit dry but tasty. Since there are no condiments on the table, I ask the server, “May I have ketchup and mustard?”

The large French fries nearly fill me so I ask for a take-home box for the remainder of my burger. I will enjoy it later that evening or next day.
“The desserts are good. Do you want any?” asks the server.
“I’m full. Thanks.”

She smiles and leaves, returning a short time later with my bill.

Door 142 is recycling a historic building and offering Fredericktown citizens a choice of eating establishments.

Come as you are and come after 7:00 PM when live music adds to the din.

Atmosphere: 2 Forks
Fare: 4 Forks
Service: 4 Forks
Value: 3 Forks
Overall: 3 Forks

Door 142 exterior

Door 142 in Fredericktown - KP Photo

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