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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio


Local People: Harris, Kidwell, Rose elected to First-Knox board


MOUNT VERNON – Korey M. Kidwell, Jeffry D. Harris, and Kim M. Rose were elected to the First-Knox National Bank board of directors at the April 18, 2017 meeting. “The addition of these gentlemen will bring some new perspectives to our advisory board,” said Vickie A. Sant, president of First-Knox National Bank.

“Their involvement in community and business activities will help First-Knox better understand and respond to local needs and developments."


Jeffry D. Harris is the president of the Area Development Foundation. He holds a bachelor of arts degree from Bowling Green State University and a masters of public administration and juris doctor from The Ohio State University. Harris has extensive experience in various aspects of public
sector organizations, with a focus on economic development. He is a practicing attorney, providing legal counsel to political subdivisions and private property owners in commercial real estate development. He also volunteers his services for the Legal Aid Society of Columbus.

“Jeff brings a different angle to the board that can help provide a unique viewpoint,” Sant stated. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him in a variety of capacities. I look forward to Jeff’s fresh perspective.” Harris plays an active role on many community boards, including the following: secretary, Knox Labs, Inc; secretary, Fredericktown Community Development Foundation; chairman of the MVNU Engineering Department Industrial Advisory Board; board member of United Way, Knox County Chamber of Commerce, and Main Street Mount Vernon; member, Rotary Club of Mount Vernon; advisory committee member, Knox Works; and city finance study committee member for the city of Mount Vernon. He lives in Mount Vernon with his wife, Adrienne.


Korey M. Kidwell is a local attorney and partner in the law firm of Murray, Rauzi, Kidwell and Cunningham, Ltd. He is a graduate of East Knox High School and completed his bachelor of science at Ohio Northern University. He subsequently obtained his masters of health administration from The Ohio State University and spent a number of years in health care operations before graduating cum laude with his juris doctor from Capital University Law
School. Active in the Mount Vernon community, Kidwell sits on a number of local boards: president, Rotary Club of Mount Vernon; board of trustee member of Knox Community Hospital; voting board member of the Knox Community Hospital Foundation; member and past president of the
Knox County Bar Association; past member and president of Licking/Knox Goodwill Industries, Inc.; and past board member and past president of the Knox County Chamber of Commerce.

“Korey brings a well-rounded understanding to the board and we appreciate the guidance his experience can provide,” said Sant. “He’s well-known and well-liked in the community and we are thrilled that he has joined the board."
Kidwell resides near Walhonding with his wife, Kelly, and daughters, Ellie and Josie.

Kim M. Rose is an attorney with Critchfield, Critchfield, & Johnston, Ltd. He attended the United States Military Academy and subsequently graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor’s in business. He received his juris doctor from Capital University, and completed his masters in business administration from Ashland College.

“Kim and I have worked together for many years, professionally and within the community”, said Sant. “His extensive legal background, avid community involvement, and overall knowledge make him an excellent choice to sit on our board." Currently, Rose’s community involvement includes: chair, Foundation Park Conservancy board; secretary and member, Community Foundation of Mount Vernon and Knox County; member, Knox County Airport Authority; and president, Mount Vernon Development Corporation. He has previously served on the Knox Community Hospital board, Knox County Salvation Army advisory board, Knox County Mental Health Association, Metropolitan Housing Board, and many more.
Rose and his wife, Pam, live in Mount Vernon.

FK Jeff HarrisKorey Kidwell 5.2017FK Kim Rose 5.2017

   Harris                                                      Kidwell                                            Rose - photos submitted


11 valedictorians in CHS class of 2017

By Alan Grove, KnoxPages.com Reporter

CENTERBURG - For most schools, the valedictorian is the top student, and there is typically only one, the student ranked first; but not at Centerburg. Centerburg High School has a set of requirements where multiple students can be a valedictorian. Now, you would think this wouldn’t be a problem for the requirements are typically hard to achieve, but that’s not the case for the class of 2017 at Centerburg. This class has 11 valedictorians graduating May 21 at 2 p.m.

Senior valedictorian Gabe Coffing said he thinks it is strange to have 11 valedictorians.

“I’ve heard many say it takes away the true meaning of being valedictorian when there is a range [of GPA] for people to meet instead of having the actual highest GPA,” Coffing said. “I understand what those people mean, but personally, I don’t think too much about it. I’m just glad to have a high GPA.”

Another one of the senior valedictorians, Savannah Glasscock, said she thinks having 11 valedictorians shows how intelligent and competitive of a class they are, but she thinks that it is a tad too many valedictorians.

“[It] almost takes away the honor from the title because there are so many of us,” Glasscock said. “At the ceremony we are going to have a few people give speeches, and then I believe we are going to read a book aloud to [the rest of] the class.” 

Glasscock thinks to avoid a situation like this in the future the standards for valedictorian should be higher and even more competitive.
“From what I had always understood before hearing how Centerburg did it, it was just the top ranked person in the class, which I think makes it very competitive and obviously limits the valedictorians to only one.”

Centerburg principal Ryan Gallwitz said this is because of a unique problem with weighted grades. All post secondary classes were weighted, which allowed for the number of valedictorians to go up. “Next year’s class will not see this problem,” Gallwitz said. “We saw this coming, and that’s why we made this change.”

CHS guidance counselor Stephen Parpart said the GPA requirement for valedictorian used to be 4.2 or higher thanks to the availability of weighted classes, now it will be 3.97 or higher for valedictorian and 3.95 or higher for salutatorian for future years and no weighted classes.

“I can’t think of anything that is going to be different except for the ceremony at graduation;” Parpart said. “Valedictorians have always done a speech that can go 5 to 10 minutes, obviously we cannot have 11 five to ten minute speeches at a graduation that is already two hours long.”
Parpart said starting with the class of 2018, all eight requirements for the honors diploma will have to be met to be a valedictorian or salutatorian.
“Three foreign language, four math, four English, four social studies, four science including physics, one fine art, 27 or higher on the ACT, and 3.5 or higher GPA are the eight requirements,” Parpart said. “That’s going to knock down the number of valedictorians significantly. I expect between one and three valedictorians for the years to come.”

Junior Cassy Losego said she understands why the changes are being made, but without weighted classes it is hard to show who is taking harder classes or not.

“By making the requirements different, it does make it harder to get honors,” Losego said.


KnoxEats restaurant review: Door 142

 Welcome to the West by The Diversified Diner

Head ‘em up, move ‘em out.
If you enjoy country-western music, wood floor boards – complete with knot holes – and mixed drinks in a relaxed atmosphere then you’ll appreciate Door 142 Restaurant and Bar in Fredericktown. Housed on the street-level of a three story early 20th century hotel, Door 142 welcomes diners and drinkers.

Upon entering, I get a wave from a woman behind the bar. I assume we seat ourselves. Taking a table, a server greets me. She takes my order and I sit and watch the woman behind the bar feeding herself. While I enjoy a casual atmosphere, I find it unprofessional and distracting to watch an employee stab food and continually fork feed herself.

Knox Eats 3 forks

Three bar patrons chat, drink and eat. Then I notice a young child – maybe 10-years-old mingling among the bar patrons. Isn’t it against the law to allow minors in a bar? I wonder.

Country music booms in the background with, “Louisiana Saturday Night.”

Voices echo, two TVs are on, and I have a hard time hearing my dinner partner. Maybe it’s because the restaurant isn’t crowded and noise echoes.

I amuse myself with the antique décor including original doors from the once-busy hotel. Framed black and white pictures hang on the wall with barb wire. Occasionally I look down to insure the leg of my chair isn’t sinking into a large knot hole. “This could be a truck stop in Wyoming,” quips my partner.

Two adult diners amble in and take a table. She orders a Margarita. The server delivers my beverage, an Angus burger and hot, hot French fries on a large, white square plate. I eat my fries first; they’re like large crunchy planks with a soft center. Lightly salted and steaming. I love ‘em. Western songs play.

The Angus burger is piled with fresh tomato, lettuce, and onion. I take a bite and it’s a bit dry but tasty. Since there are no condiments on the table, I ask the server, “May I have ketchup and mustard?”

The large French fries nearly fill me so I ask for a take-home box for the remainder of my burger. I will enjoy it later that evening or next day.
“The desserts are good. Do you want any?” asks the server.
“I’m full. Thanks.”

She smiles and leaves, returning a short time later with my bill.

Door 142 is recycling a historic building and offering Fredericktown citizens a choice of eating establishments.

Come as you are and come after 7:00 PM when live music adds to the din.

Atmosphere: 2 Forks
Fare: 4 Forks
Service: 4 Forks
Value: 3 Forks
Overall: 3 Forks

Door 142 exterior

Door 142 in Fredericktown - KP Photo

Maple promoted to COTC Vice President

NEWARK – The director of the Workforce Development Innovation Center (WDIC) and the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) at Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) is being promoted to the vice president for workforce development, community affairs and extended campuses. Vicki Maple, M.Ed., will assume her new responsibilities on July 1.

“I am honored to accept this position,” said Maple. “The extended campuses are vital to the economic development of the communities in which they are located. Similarly, they are vital to developing the workforce in our region and meeting the needs of business and industries. There is a synergy in these areas, and I look forward to using my experience and the relationships we have established with community leaders and students to further execute the mission of Central Ohio Technical College, which is to meet the technical education and training needs of students and employers in the area.”

Maple COTC

Vicki Maple - photo submitted

Maple graduated from Ashland University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Speech/Communication and Radio/Television Performance, Production and Programming, and also earned a Master’s degree in Education: Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Higher Education Administration. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership Administration at Ashland University.

In her expanded role at COTC, Maple will provide strategic leadership to all of the extended campuses to ensure their financial viability and growth. She will continue to serve as the principal liaison between the institution and business and industry, as well as to the extended campus advisory boards and groups external to the college that are instrumental to the development of each of the college’s service areas. Additionally, Maple will be responsible for community affairs that span the scope of outreach opportunities, special events and sponsorship, and public affairs. Maple will continue to direct and oversee the operations of the WDIC and LLI.

“With her new responsibilities, Vicki Maple will further explore how individuals can combine their work experience, non-credit training, and credit-eligible education to complete certificate and degree programs that meet the workforce needs of area employers in all of our campus communities,” said COTC President Bonnie L. Coe, Ph.D. “I am thrilled to bring Vicki’s leadership to this area and am excited about the possibilities for expanding our outreach into the communities we value and serve.”

COTC's Knox Campus is on South Main Street in Mount Vernon.

COTC was ranked number one in Ohio and number 19 in the nation by PayScale in its 2016-17 College Salary Report ranking the best community and career colleges by salary potential. COTC is a fully accredited, public college dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible programs of technical education in response to current and emerging employment needs. COTC is the only technical college in Ohio operating four full-service campus locations: Newark, Coshocton, Knox and Pataskala.

MVHS Academic Booster Club honors students, awards scholarships

MOUNT VERNON - Academic awards earned by 240 MVHS students were given Monday night at the annual Academic Booster Club Awards Celebration at the Knox County Memorial Theater. Students receive the first (academic letter), second (academic achievement emblem), third (academic excellence award) and fourth awards (outstanding academic achievement) based on points accumulated for academics throughout their high school career.

In addition, the Academic Booster Club Scholarship is awarded based on student aplications demonstrating intellectual curiosity and outstanding academic excellence. A committee from the Kenyon College Admissions office selects the scholarship recipients.  This year three students were selected: Fiona Keller, Nicole Steady, and Jillian Vance.

ABC scholarship winners 2017 plus Bev Morse

From left, MVHS seniors Jillian Vance, Nicole Steady, Fiona Keller and M. Beverly Morse from Kenyon College Admissions Office - KP photo

Keller plans to study biology at Williams College. Steady will attend Kenyon College. Vance will study graphic design at MVNU.

The Academic booster Club is an all-volunteer, parent organization.  All MVHS parents are invited to participate. For more information contact [email protected] 



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