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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

MOUNT VERNON - Mayor Richard Mavis announced the 2017 Volunteers of the Year last evening at First Friday festivities on the Public Square. Over the years, residents serving on boards, commissions, or in the community have been recognized for their contributions.

This year's honorees are Greg Drabick, John Owens, Dan Humphrey, Steve Tier, and Terry Steinmetz.

Drabick is an employee at Kenyon College and with his wife, Brandy, has been active in the Mount Vernon Girls Softball program for 15 years. During the last 7 years, Drabick has served as president of the league. As president, he must deal annually with 450 young girls and their parents. He and Brandy also oversee a fall girls' softball program for 300 girls. He organizes the coaches, schedules and oversees the conditions of the diamonds. Mavis said, "This program has been a large part of Mount Vernon summer youth activities for 40 years and Greg Drabick has provided the leadership to keep this program moving forward."

Owens was an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper where he was selected as the District 6 "Outstanding Patrolman of the Year" recipient. He was the vice-president of the Knox County First Federal Savings and Loan Association and was the superintendent of the Knox County Ohio Department Transportation. John was a former member of the Station Break Advisory Board, was a poll worker and Election Day Rover for the Knox County Board of Elecitons, was past presiddent of the Knox County Lions club and the Knox County Public Employee Retirees, Inc. He is also a volunteer at the Knox County Humane Society and has been a representative of the City of Mount Vernon on the Knox County Regional Planning Commission for the last five years.

Humphrey and his wife, Barb, co-founded TouchPointe Marriage and Family Resources in 2010 after retiring from the public education sector with a combined 65 years of service. They have probably worked with 250 couples over the last 7 years. He helped facilitate a Bridges out of Poverty workshop, he collaborated with many community agencies, organizations, law enforcement and the local court system to help facilitate programming to "Touch the lives of people and offer Hope to the Hurting." Over a two year period, Humphrey has worked with community leaders to bring the Cincinnnati Works model to Knox County and launched KnoxWorks in March 2017 as a component of TouchPointe.

Tier has taught for more than 30 years for the Mount Vernon City Schools. He taught four years as a fourth grade teacher and the remainder of his career has been focused on reading and writing instruction and helping his colleagues with their literacy instruction. Steve is deeply involved with the tennis programs at the middle , shigh school and the Mount Vernon City Recreation Boards summer parks programs. During the summer of 2016, he organized a project that would bring together the City of Mount Vernon, the United States Tennis Association, the Mount Vernon Nazarene University and individuals from the community to build four, youth tennis courts at Memorial Park in Mount Vernon. The courts were complete in the summer of 2017. Steve has built a summer youth tennis program where participants numbers exceed 100. 

Steinmetz started working at Cooper Industries for the En-Tronic Controls Division in 1982. He worked in various management positions with Cooper and Rolls Royce until his retirement in 2014. Terry coached T-ball for four years at Phillips Park and coached girls softball at Memorial Park for five years. Terry also refereed YMCA swim meets for local, inter YMCA meets and league championships for four years. Terry has also been a member of the Mount Vernon Rotary Club for approximately 10-12 years and past president of the Mount Vernon Rotary Club. He initiated the involvement of the Rotary Club with the Mount Vernon Track and Field Teams to sponsor the Mount Vernon Rotary Relay meets for many years, one of the largest all relay track and field meets in the State of Ohio. Terry has been a representative for the City of Mount Vernon and on the Knox County Regional Planning Commission for the last five years. 

Volunteers 2017

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Mavis, far right, honored the 2017 Volunteers of the Year at First Friday activities. From left, Steve Tier, Dan Humphrey, Greg Drabick, and Terry Stinemetz. John Owens not pictured.

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