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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio


12-26Fredericktown PD logo

Property damage report on S. Main St.

Found property (drug paraphernalia) on S. Main St.


Suspicious vehicles on N. Main St.

Assisted EMS personnel on S. Main St.

Animal related complaint on Shawnee Dr.

Found property (cell phone) on W. Sandusky St.

Suspicious person on Salem Ave. Ext.

Assisted the Sheriff’s Office on Bryant Rd.

Matthew P. Ward, Lexington, citation for speed.


Commercial alarm drop on N. Main St.

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On 12-26, Troy Dupler, 30, Vincent Road, was arrested for Domestic Violence. According to the report a female victim suffered injuries to her mouth, head/skull, neck, and right knee. Dupler was charged with several offenses and taken to the Knox County jail.

On 12-25-16, The complainant advised he had a package that was taken along with two checks. A report was made to document the incident.

On 12-25-16,Officer was advised of a violation of a protection order. The suspect, was located and arrested.

On 12-25-16, Joseph Anthony Roman, Jr. who had an outstanding warrant was located at the intersection of Howard Danville Road and Chapel Road. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Knox County Jail.

On 12-25-16, deputies were dispatched to a Huffman Rd. address in reference to a possible burglary. APS4 was taken but due to the mess at the residence it was undetermined if anything else was missing. Photographs and a statement were taken.


Traffic complaintDPD patch

12/22 DPD handled a traffic complain on W. Rambo Street.


12/23 DPD responded to a disturbance at a S. Market Street business.


12/24 DPD issued traffic citation for Speeding to Nathan A. McAvoy age 27 of Reynoldsburg.

Suspicious Vehicle

12/26 DPD responded to a suspicious vehicle on S. Linwood Street.


12/26 DPD took Theft report on Black Road.

12/26 DPD took two separate Theft From Vehicle reports on S. Linwood Street.

Recover Stolen Property

12/26 DPD made two separate Recovered Stolen Property reports from S. Linwood Street.

Aggravated Trespass

12/26 DPD took Aggravated Trespassing report on S. Linwood Street



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