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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio


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On 2-10-17, an officer was dispatched to a Meltzer Ct. address on a report of a theft from a vehicle. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the complainant who stated their belongings were taken from their vehicle. A report was taken.

On 2-13-17, two officers responded to an E. Curtis St. address on a report of an unsecured residence. Upon arrival the officers inspected the residence and verified no one was inside. The residence was vacant and listed for sale. The officers made contact with the listing agent to declined to respond to the scene. Officers were able to secure the door.


On 2-12-17, Wesley Addy, 31, Wooster Rd. was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

On 2-12-17, Brandy Butcher, 39, E. Ohio Aver. Was arrested on an outstanding warrant and for criminal trespass.

On 2-12-17, Danielle Reynolds, 27, Shalimar Dr. was arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

On 2-13-17, Christopher Mango, 26, Johnstown, was cited for expired or unlawful license plates.

On 2-13-17, Kristy Roesling, 27, Coshocton Ave. was arrested on a warrant for probation violation.


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