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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

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On 4-6-17, while on patrol, an officer discovered roofing nails and decking screws on the roadway of Gilchrist Road about ½ mile south of Danville-Amity Road. Two other officers helped pick them up. At this time, no one has reported damage to their tires from this recent act of vandalism.

On 4-5-17, a victim called the KCSO to advise a bank had called her stating an unknown person had attempted to open a bank account in her name. The victim stated she was unsure about what to do next. A report was taken on behalf of the complainant.

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Suspicious vehicle on N. Main St.

Fraud report on W. Sandusky St.

Suspicious persons on S. Main St.

Nuisance ordinance violation letter served on Mohawk St.

Nuisance ordinance violation letter served on W. 2nd St.

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