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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

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On 4-18-17, at approximately 3:00 a.m. an officer on patrol saw two individuals in the area of Beech St. and Hiawatha Village. One was in the car and one outside the car and they appeared to be speaking to each other. The individual outside the car fell to the ground and the car began to drive off, leaving the other individual lying in the roadway, The officer initiated a traffic stop and the driver, identified as Joshua James, appeared to the officer to be intoxicated. James refused to conduct the standardized field sobriety test and was arrested for OVI. He was arrested and taken to the Knox County Jail. There is nothing further to report.

On 4-18-17, an officer responded to a N. Mulberry St. address on a report of a disturbance. Savanna McDonald was arrested on a domestric violence charge. No other information has been submitted at this time.

On 4-18-17, an officer followed up on a complaint forwarded from the Office of the Safety Service Director, Code Enforcement. Upon arrival, the officer observed a red Dodge truck parked illegally on the side of W. Curtis St. The truck displayed a license plate that expired in 2016. The officer also observed that the front axle was broken and the rear brake lines had been cut. An attempt was made by the officer to contact the owner of the truck with no success. On The Spot Towing responded to the scene and transported the vehicle to the Mount Vernon City Impound Lot. Towing and storage fees will be the responsibility of the owner. There is nothing further to report.


On 4-18-17, Ashley Weatherbee, 24, Elm St. was cited for driving under an FRA suspension.

On 4-18-17, Joshua James, 30, Mesa, AZ, was cited for driving or having physical control under the influence of alcohol.

On 4-18-17, Savanna McDonald, 22, N. Mulberry St. was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

On 4-18-17, Kyla Rutan, 17, Mink St. was cited for running a stop sign.

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On 4-18-17, an individual reported that while he was fishing at the Kokosing Campground. person(s) unknown removed his wallet from his vehicle. Nothing further to report.

On 4-19-17, a complainant/victim reported to the KSCO there had been a domestic violence incident. Upon arrival, the officer determined the offender was Shawn Davis. Davis was arrested and transported to the Knox County Jail. The victim suffered apparently minor injuries to the mouth and left cheek. No other information has been submitted.

On 4-18-17, TheKenyon Campus Safety Office advised the KCSO they had found drug paraphernalia on the college campus. An officer arrived, confiscated the item and entered it into evidence for destruction.

On 4-18-17, an officer arrived at an E. Main St. address in Centerburg and arrested Mark A. Parker. Parker had an outstanding warrant out of the Delaware County Municipal Court.

On 4-18-17, an officer was dispatched to the parking lot of the Millwood Landing canoe launch. While there the officer made contact with the complainant/victim who reported his vehicle had been stolen from the parking lot while he was out kayaking. There are no suspect(s) at this time.

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Assisted EMS personnel on W. 1st St.

Traffic complaint on Salem Ave.

Vehicle unlock on Phoenix Pl.

911 hang up call on Ebersole Ave.


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