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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio



On 7-7-17, an officer responded to a N. Gay St. address on a report of damage to a vehicle. Upon arrival the officer made contact with the complainant who stated his vehicle was damaged overnight. Photographs were taken and a written statement completed. There are no suspects.

On 7-7-17, an officer responded to a N. Rogers St. address on a vandalism complaint. While on the the officer obtained a written statement and took photographs. There is no suspect and the case is closed. It will re-open if a suspect is identified and/or leads are developed.

On 7-7-17, an officer responded to a report of vandalism at a Shalimar Dr. residence. The complainant stated someone had stolen the pipes to the upstairs bathroom and flooded the apartment A written statement was taken and a report made.

On 7-7-17, units were dispatched to a residence on Maplewood Ave. Upon arrival the vacant residence was found to be unsecured. Officers cleared the residence and no one was inside. The door was secured as best as possible and a message left for the bank in possession of the residence.

On 7-8-17, an officer responded to a West Vine St. address in reference to domestic violence. Upon arrival, Heather Gedde advised she had been in a physical altercation with a male. Geddes was found to have an active warrant. She was arrested and transported to the Richland County line.

On 7-7-17, an officer was flagged down by a motorist in reference to a found driver's license. The license was collected and an attempt was made to contact the owner.

On 7-9-17, units were dispatched to an E. Burgess address in reference to damaged property.

On 7-9-17, a suspicious vehicle was located on Parrot St. with several items packed inside with the rear passenger and trunk open. There was a male slumped over, asleep in the driver's seat and there were tools around the vehicle and in the near-by woods. Two females came into the area and were interviewed along with the male. Suspected methamphetamine were seized along with drug paraphernalia. The case will be forwarded to the county prosecutor and the substance will be tested.

On 7-9-17, an officer was dispatched to Kroger on a shoplifting complaint. The suspect was detained by Kroger staff. Th suspect was issued a summons for petty theft.


On 7-1-17, Taylor Gray, 29, Shalimar Dr. was charged with drug paraphernalia offenses.

On 7-4-17, Jeremy Morris, 28, Upper Gilchrist Rd. was arrested on a warrant for probation violation and for drug abuse.

On 7-5-17, Logan Vernon, McKinley St. was charged with minor possessing and consuming alcohol.

On 7-5-17, Aubrey Randall, Howard,was charged with minor possessing and consuming alcohol.

On 7-5-17, Aaron Boyd, 19, Fredericktown, was cited for driving under an FRA suspension, failure to stop after a crash and for failure to stop at a red light.

On 7-6-17, Vaughn Stoutenburg, 46, E. Burgess St. was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

On 7-6-17, Jonathon Llewellyn, 19, Cliff St. was arrested for theft.

On 7-6-17, Melisa Selby, 45, N. Mulberry St. was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

On 7-6-17, Russell Copeland, 34, Mulberry St. was arrested and charged with drug possession.

On 7-7-17, Timothy Penko, 17, New Gambier Rd. was cited for reckless operation/off street.

On 7-7-27, Stephen Giles, 27, Reynoldsburg, was cited for following too closely and prohibited use of siren/whistle/bell.

On 7-7-17, Gladola Driftmyer, 88, Brook Run Ct., was cited for failure to control.

On 7-7-17, Vaughn Stoutenbaugh, 46, E. Burgess St. was arrested for driving under the influence and white light on front/visible 500 ft.

On 7-8-17, Kimberly Sheldon, 22, Marengo, was cited for driving under suspension/revocation and fictitious plates.

On 7-8-17, Dedan Wood, 20, Marion, was cited for no operator's license.

On 7-8-17, Michael Litzenberg, 21, W. Chestnut St. was cited for driving under an FRA suspension.

On 7-9-17, Matthew Stepp, 40, Howard St. was cited for expired or unlawful license plates.

On 7-9-17, Jacob Duvall, 23,Fredericktown, was cited for ACDA.

On 7-9-17, Jacquelyn Lewis, 32, Akron, as cited for running a red light


On 7-9-17, the complainant reported to the KCSO that her boyfriend punched her and threatened to kill her. She was transported to the hospital upon her request. Chad Morrison of Salem Rd. Fredericktown was arrested and charged with domestic violence, aggravated menacing and assault.

On 7-9-17, the complainant reported finding drugs in her yard. When a deputy made contact with her, she reported finding a glass pipe containing marijuana residue while she was mowing her yard. The pipe was collected and placed into the Knox County evidence room to be destroyed.

On 7-7-17, deputies were dispatched to a Coshocton Rd. address in Danville on a report of domestic violence. Upon arrival,the victim advised deputies that her husband made threats against her. R.C. Smail was arrested and taken to the Knox County Jail.

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