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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

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On 7-31-17, a complainant reported finding a hypodermic needle. He stated he found it buried in gravel near his residence on E. High St. He thought, at first, that it was a pen, but when he picked it up he found it was a needle. The needle was collected by an officer and placed in the sharps container in patrol car #5 for destruction at a later date.

On 7-31-17, an officer met with a female complainant who wanted to report as she had been assaulted by her sister while at an Oak St. residence. The complainant made a written statement and photographs of the scratches on her neck, allegedly caused by her sister, were taken. Sometime later the complainant's sister came to the MVPD station to make a statement as well. Both statements and this report will be sent to the City Law Director's Office for review. Both parties were advised to avoid each other.

On 7-28-17, Connie Blubaugh, 31, Ringold St. was arrested and charged with theft and criminal trespass.

On 7-31-17, Dakota Hawk, 19, Danville was cited for running a red light.

On 7-31-17, Jeremy Silliman, 37, W. Vine St. was cited for driving under an FRA suspension.


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