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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio


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7/24/17 - Colton Hill, 20, E. Sugar St. was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct with persisting and charged with criminal trespass.

9/5/17 - Mary Misner, 71, Brookwood Rd. was cited for drive onto road/duty to yield.

9/6/17 - Jordan Starmer, 26, Plaza Dr. was cited for 25 mph except outside Bus. Dist.

9/6/17 - Maxine Scott, 86, Marengo, was cited for turning at an intersection.


9/6/17 - An abandoned vehicle was towed from Ames St.

9/6/17 - An officer was dispatched to a residence on Wooster Rd. in reference to a found syringe. The officer spoke with the complainant who told him he found the syringe near the sidewalk. The officer collected the syringe and placed it into the sharps container in car 4 to be disposed of later. Nothing further to report.

9/6/17 - An officer was dispatched to a business on S. Main St., in reference to a fake $100 bill that was passed. The bill was obtained and placed into evidence. The investigation is pending.

Traffic accident

9/6/17 - Lee W. Luebke was traveling eastbound on S, Main St. approaching the intersection at Newark Rd. Luebke had the green arrow to proceed with his turn onto Newark Rd. Maxine W. Scott was traveling westbound on Mount Vernon Ave. approaching the intersection at Newark Rd. Luebke turned left onto Newark Rd, in the west lane. Scott made a right turn into the west lane and both vehicles struck each other. Both vehicles were moved before police arrived.


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Commercial alarm on Salem Ave. Ext.

Assisted the Sheriff’s Office on Village Pkwy.

Burglary on S. Main St.

Civil matter on Grant St.

Two parking complaints on W. Sandusky St.

Disturbance on N. Main St.



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