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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

Fredericktown PD



Assisted EMS personnel on Simons Ave.

Suspicious person on W. 1st St.

Civil matter on W. Sandusky St.

Disturbance on S. Main St.

Traffic complaint on S. Pleasant St.

Animal related complaint on Colony Dr.

Disturbance on High St.


Traffic complaint on St. Rt. 95

Juvenile related complaint on Taylor St.

Trash complaint on N. Main St.

Suspicious vehicle on High St.

Theft of medication on W. 1st St.

Fraud complaint on Simons Ave.


Theft of a bicycle on S. Mulberry St.

Civil matter on S. Main St.

Assisted the Richland County Sheriff’s Office on Zolman Rd.


Theft of a bicycle on S. Mulberry St.

Civil matter on S. Main St.

Assisted the Richland County Sheriff’s Office on Zolman Rd.

Danville PD


Assisted squad in the 400 block of South Cedar Street

Theft of money in the 200 block of East Walnut Street.
B & E in the 800 block of South Richards Street.
Vandalism in the 800 block of South Richards Street.
Traffic complaint that occurred outside the Village. Complaint forwarded to appropriate agency.
Suspicious person in the 200 block of West Rambo Street in area of local schools. Person was I'D by officer and told to leave area.
Gas drive-off at South Market Street business. Officer contacted subject who returned to pay.

Complaint of theft of fuel from parked vehicles which occurred outside the Village. Complaint forwarded to appropriate agency.
Citizen turned in wallet at DPD found on a road in Coshocton County. Officer made identification of wallet owner and returned wallet to owner.
Citizen dropped off at DPD out-dated prescription drugs to be destroyed.
The Port-a-Potty was upset off of Trail Ave. by the bike trail.

Theft from a business on East Main street.
Theft from a vehicle on South Market street.

Traffic complaint Washington street.
Trespassing in the area of Plum street and East Main street.

Disturbance in the area of Earlmick street.

Civil issue in the area of West Washington street.

10/06 Steve Rainer III Brinkhaven was arrested and transported to Knox county jail.

10/7/17 - The complainant stated her husband's vehicle and her vehicle were entered and items stolen. She advised the vehicles had been unlocked. Missing from her husband's vehicle was $1500 in cash. Missing from the complainant's vehicle were a book f compact discs, approximately 10 DVDs, 2 Damsel in Distress stun guns, a wine glass and a bag full of miscellaneous items.

10/7/17 - The complainant called the KCSO to report that between 10/1/17 and 10/7/17 an unknown person kicked in the rear door of her father's home on Cherry Alley in Centerburg. The glass in the door and the hasp and lock on the inside of the door were broken in the attempt. The complainant stated that the only thing that appeared to b stolen were two leather jackets that were in the hall closet. Photos were taken and a report made for the record.

10/7/17 - The complainant called the KCSO to report a theft. He stated that his went to check on his Harris Pontoon Boat, which was parked at the Knox Lake Marina, he noticed that the padlock to a storage compartment had been cut and his gas tank and another, two gallon gas tank had been stolen. He said an employee of the marina told him several other boats had been broken into on Oct. 3. The complainant requested a report for the record.

10/6/17 - The complainant reported her mailbox at her residence on Tucker Rd. had been broken off at the ground. A report was made for documentation.

10/7/17 - The complainant called the KCSO to report his unlocked truck had been opened and some property stolen. He stated that a Barnett C5 crossbow and a camo duffle bag were taken. He said the duffle bag contained an adult harness, a child's harness, some rope, two field dress knives and pair of binoculars. He said that around midnight the night before, he heard his neighbor' dogs barking and believes that was then approximate time of the incident.

10/7/17 - The complainant called the KCSO that a storage hatch on his boat had been damaged by someone trying to pry it open. The complainant advised the incident happened sometime between 9/29/17 and 10/7/17 at the Knox Lake Marina.

10/8/17 - The complainant/victim reported she had her ATV stolen from her yard barn on New Delaware Rd. She believes it was taken between Aug. 30 and Oct.8, 2017. The missing ATV is a 1997 brown Honda quad-runner. Dispatch entered it as a stolen vehicle.

10/6/17 - The complainant, a Knox County Park District employee, stated he discovered that it appeared that persons unknown had driven an unknown vehicle into a closed park gate, causing damage to the gate. He advised there did not appear to be any parts or paint transfer to indicate any information about the suspect vehicle.

10/9/17 - A parole advised he wanted a suspect arrested for a parole older warrant. The officer made then request when he learned the KCSO was looking for a woman the suspect was running around with.


10/6/17 - Complainant from CES Credit Union called in reference to a counterfeit $20 bill. An officer took the bill and placed it into evidence. There is no suspect.

10/6/17 - At approximately 2:24 P.M. an officer was dispatched to a Coshocton Ave. business on a report of a suspicious vehicle. When the officer arrived on the scene, the complaint told him she observed a vehicle pull into the parking lot and then someone got out of the vehicle and placed an item inside the cover on the base of a light pole. The item was recovered. It was described as a pill bottle wrapped in black duct tape containing a plastic bag with a note inside. The contents of the note were not reveled. Written statements were collected from the complainant and from the parking lot's business. There is nothing further to report.

10/6/17 - An officer was dispatched to a Coshocton Ave. business on a report of a shoplifting. When the officer arrived, he spoke to the complainant who said a female was inside concealing items inside her bag. The officer stopped the suspect,identified as Cassy R. Jensen when she passed the last point of sale. Jensen was found to be in possession of several items stolen from the store including one DVD video. She was also in possession of a Capital One credit card issued in someone else's name. Jensen was taken into custody and transported to the Knox County Jail.

10/6/17 - An officer met with a deputy from the Knox County Sheriff's Office who had received a letter in the mail at his residence. The handwritten letter was described as menacing. The letter and envelope were placed into evidence. Copies of each were forwarded to the city Law Director.

10/6/17 - An officer met with a complainant who wanted to report domestic problems with a spouse. The subject stated there had been no violence to date but would like to make documentation about the incident. A statement was taken from the complainant who stated they had an appointment to speak with an attorney specializing in family law. There is nothing further to report.

10/6/17 - An officer was dispatched to a business on Blackjack Rd. on a report of a disturbance. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the complainant who stated someone was placing derogatory balloons and signs on an employee's vehicle. Th suspect was trespassed from the business's property. No charges were filed.

10/7/17 - An officer responded to a N. Norton St. address in reference to a theft complaint. When the officer arrived at the scene he spoke with the complainant who said when she came home she placed her phone - a black Samsung Galaxy 8 - on the grill outside, When she came back outside to get her phone it was gone. There are no suspects at this time.

10/7/17 - Two officer responded to an Elliot St. address in reference to a domestic dispute. Dispatch stated that the female complainant called 9-1-1 and reported her live-in boyfriend had choked her. When the officer arrived they observed red marks on the female's neck. The female's two children were at the residence when the incident occurred and they stated that, at one point during the incident, they ran down the street seeking help. The suspect had left the area prior to the arrival of the officers.

10/8/17 - An officer responded to a Prospect St. in reference to a stolen vehicle. The complainant told officers that unknown persons stole his 2017 Kawasaki Motorcycle from the side walk of his residence. The complainant stated he had parked the motorcycle on the sidewalk n front of is house and walked inside the house. He said he noticed the motorcycle missing around 7:45 P.M. The keys were not in the motorcycle.

10/8/17 - An officer was dispatched to Cottage St. on a report of two brothers fighting. Dispatch advised they had received several 9-1-1 calls about the fight and it was described as being very physical. Upon arrival the officer contacted the brothers who stated they had been wrest,king and t got out of hand. Charges were filed.

10/9/17 - At approximately 8:30 A.M. an officer responded to a report of a found needle on McGibney Rd. Upon arrival, the officer secured the needle and placed it in the sharps container in cruiser #3.

10/9/17 - An officer responded to a report of found needles on Sychar Rd. he needles were located and placed n the sharps container in cruiser #3.

MVP Arrest Report

10/4/17 - Jacob Frame,18, Miller Ave. was cited for assured clear distance ahead.
10/5/17 - Nicole Mitchell, 29,Follin Ave. probation violation warrant.
10/6/17 - Jessie Regan, 34, Upper Gilchrist Rd. was cited for driving under FRA suspension and driving an unsafe vehicle.
10/6/17 - Jonathan Walker, 36,Fredericktown, was cited for driving under FRA suspension.
10/6/17 - Laura Scates, 38, Hoard, was cited for running a red light.
10/6/17 - Cassy Jensen, 38, Cedar St. was arrested for theft.
10/6/17 - Kimberly Frech, 49, McGibney Rd. was arrested on an outstanding warrant/
10/6/17 - Neil Spencer, 30, Greenwood ave. was cited for driving under FRA suspension.
10/6/17 - Jonathan Walker, 36, Fredericktown,was arrested n an outstanding warrant.
10/7/17- Genevieve Daniels, 19, Ridgewood Ave. was cited for driving uender FRA suspension.
10/7/17 - Sutton Black, 23, W/ Gambier St. was cited for driving under RA suspension.

Traffic accident

10/6/17 - Charles M. Shaffer, Jr. was traveling eastbound on W. Vine St. and Laura K. Scates was traveling northbound on N. Sandusky St. Scates failed to stop for a red light and struck Shaffer.



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