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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

Law Enforcement

Law reports November 3, 2017



Parking complaint on Taylor St.

Vandalism on N. Main St.

Trespassing complaint on Ottawa Ave.

Disturbance on S. Mulberry St.


Vehicle unlock on Malibu Cir.

Michael C. Goines, Mt. Vernon, arrested on an outstanding warrant

Civil matter on W. Sandusky St.

Burglary - A Columbus road resident reported that sometime between 8 p.m. Wednesday and 8 a.m. Thursday someone entered his detached garage and removed items without permission.


Law reports November 2, 2017

Danville PD - Nov. 1DPD patch

Shawn Beveridge age 28 of Danville was arrested and transported to Knox County Jail on a Failure to Appear warrant out of Municipal Court.

Disturbance between two adult males in the area of East Washington street.

Assist another Law Enforcement Agency.

Oct. 31

Traffic Citation issued to Kody D. Ball age 23 of Howard for Driving Under Suspension, Expired License Plates and Fictitious License Plates. DPD confiscated the license plates per the BMV. 

Assist another Law Enforcement agency.

Verbal disturbance between an adult female and adult male in the area of East Washington Street.

Oct. 30

Parking complaint on S. Market Street.

Speeding complaint in the area of West Rambo Street.

Civil issue in the area of Plum Street.


Suspicious male in the area of the elementary school.


Oct. 28

DPD collected 10.08 lbs. of old prescription drugs during the local fall Drug Take-Back Day.

Drug related activity in the area of West Washington Street.


Law reports Oct 31, 2017


10/27/17 - An officer was dispatched to 5 N. Gay St. on a reported stolen phone. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the complainant who stated his granddaughter's phone had been stolen while she was at school. The complainant stated the phone had been traced to a Lakeview Dr. address. The officer went to the Lakeview Dr. address and recovered the phone. The phone's owner declined to press charges.

10/28/17 - A female complainant came to the MVPD to report threats made to her by her husband. She reported that her estranged husband was upset because she wouldn't let him see their child and began making threats against her. A report was made and is on file.

10/29/17 - Three officers responded to a Sunset St. address on a report of shots fired. When they arrived on the scene it was determined that some items were thrown on the roof of the residence, making a loud noise. The call is under further investigation at this time for possible misuse of 9-1-1 and obstruction of official business.

10/29/17 - Units were working on an active warrant at a Parrot St. address. Upon arrival, the homeowner let officers search the residence for the suspect with the warrant The suspect was not located but a bag of marijuana was found. The bag was taken and placed into evidence. No charges were filed.

10/29/17 - An officer responded to the MVPD in reference to a stalking complaint that had been occurring at the Mount Vernon Nazarene University. The complainant advised she was being harassed and stalked by her ex-boyfriend. She said he had recently been released from the mental hospital where he had been because of suicidal statements he had made. She was worried about what he might do to her. This report is being forwarded to the City Prosecutor for review.

10/29/17 - An officer was dispatched to an Oak St. residence on a report of an individual looking into garage windows. The complainant also advised that an individual went into a garage the did not belong to him. The officer went to the garage on S. Rogers St. and saw the door open up while he was standing in front of it. Michael K. Snyder walked out of the garage holding three suitcases. He was arrested and charges were filed.

9/10/17 - Mykel Crim, 30, Cedar St. was arrested and charged with falsification and obstructing official business.
10/21/17 - Timothy Roberts, 31, Shirley Ave. was arrested for disrupting public service and felonious assault.
10/25/17 - Steven Cole, 38, Gambier, was arrested on an outstanding warrant.
10/25/17 - Nicole Mitchell, 29, Follin Ave. was arrested on an outstanding warrant.
10/27/17 - Meghan Meadows, 24, Shalimar Dr. was arrested and charged with possessing drug abuse instruments and with drug paraphernalia offenses.
10/27/17 - Mark Miller, 25, E. Gambier St. was cited for assured clear distance.
10/27/17 - Lauren Hicks, 18, Laurel Valley, was cited for assured clear distance.
10/28/17 - Brian Creech, 26, Johnstown Rd. was cited for driving under an FRA suspension.
10/28/17 - Misty Zolman, 44, E. Ohio Ave. was cited for driving under an FRA suspension,
10/28/17 - Nathan Hathaway, 18, Fredericktown, was cited for running a red light and failure to display both license plates.
10/29/17 - Damian Crites, 22, Shirley Ave. was cited for no operator's license.
10/29/17 - Samuel Shaffer, 25, Columbus, was cited for driving under suspension/revocation.
10/29/17 - Phillippe Lesage, 45, Seven Hills, OH. was cited for assured clear distance.
10/29/17 - James Fife, 26, Howard, was cited for expired or unlawful license plates.

Traffic accidents

10/27/17 - Mark Miller and Tyson Hendrix were eastbound on E. Gambier St. with Miller was behind Hendrix when he slowed to make a turn. Hendrix was struck by Miller. Miller was cited for assured clear distance.

10/27/17 - Hayden Gavs was traveling westbound on Coshocton Ave. and Lauren Hicks was traveling behind him. Gavs slowed for traffic and was rear-ended by Hicks. Hicks was cited for assured clear distance.

Danville PD


Oct 24

Traffic Citation to Daniel Z. Goudy age 28 Danville for operating off-road motorcycle on streets. Cited for Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of Marijuana.

Oct 26

Threats in the 10 block of West South Street.

Oct 27

Disturbance on Tough Street.

Oct 29

Trespassing in the 200 block of East Walnut Street.

Theft from vehicle on South Market Street.

Phone Harassment in the 10 block of West South Street.

Suspicious Person in the 200 block of West Rambo Street.

Business Alarm on South Market Street.


Phone Harassment in the 200 block of East Walnut Street.

 Fredericktown PD


Unsecured building on Columbus Rd.

Found property reported on E. Sixth St.

Dominick M. Hicks, Mt. Vernon, citation for speed




Law reports November 1, 2017

FPD -10-31


James T. Hammond, Fredericktown, arrested for domestic violence and child endangering.

Commercial alarm on W. 2nd St.


Parking complaint on N. Pleasant St.

Domestic violence on Montgomery Rd.


10/30/17 - On 10/28/17 credit card fraud was reported to the Mount Vernon Police Department by a female complainant. 
10/26/17 - Reva Crim, 28, Franklin St. was arrested on an outstanding warrant.
10/29/17 - Nathan Craig, 19, Carrington, was arrested and charged with telephone harassment and menacing by stalking.
10/29/17 - Michael Snyder, 43, East Chestnut St. was arrested and charged with theft and criminal trespass.
10/30/17 - Terrence Divan, 62, Elizabeth St. was cited for a red light violation.

Traffic accidents

10/30/17 - Shan W. Mizer was pulling a City of Mount Vernon leaf disposal machine eastbound on E. Gambier St. A vehicle owner by Janelle Harris was parked facing eastbound on E. Gambier St. An arm on the leaf machine struck the left rear corner of Harris' vehicle in passing.
This report has been forwarded to the City Law Director's Office for possible charges.

10/31/17 - Kunihro Ishikawa was traveling northbound on Industrial Park Drive when a deer ran in front of him. Ishikawa struck the deer with the left front corner of the vehicle. There were no injuries and no charges or citations filed.

10/31/17 - Elizabeth Garcia-Esltron was traveling northbound through a Coshocton Ave. parking lot and Kimberley Leichner was backing out of a parking spot in the lot. Both Leichner and Garcia-Eslton struck each other.



Disturbance being investigated at Court House

MOUNT VERNON - An officer was dispatched to the Knox County Court House Friday on a reported disturbance. When he arrived on the scene the officer, a KCSO deputy, said they received information about a threat to the court. A written statement was collected from the staff and the complainant was contacted. A report was taken. An investigation is pending.

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