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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

Law Enforcement

Knox Co. law reports March 13, 2017

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On 3-10-17, Ashley Whittaker, 30, Upper Gilchrist Rd. was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

On 3-10-17, Jeffrey Middleton, 35, E. Ohio Ave. was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

On 3-10-17, Douglas Rine, 29, E. Vine St. was cited for driving under an FRA suspension and a light infraction.

On 3-120-17, Stephanie Miller, 32, Danville, was cited for driving under an FRA suspension.

On 3-10-17, Morgan Tedrick, 34, Mt. Gilead, was cited for running a stop sign.

On 3-11-17, Guy Mills, 45, S. Center St. was arrested on a warrant for probation violation and charged with marijuana drug paraphernalia and drug abuse.

On 3-11-17, Earl Lucas, 42, Wooster Rd. was arrested on an outstanding warrant and charged with obstructing official business and possession of drug abuse instruments.

On 3-11-17, Alivia Jones, 18, Brinkhaven, was cited for traffic control signal violation.


On 3-10-17,an abandoned vehicle was reported on West Vine Street. 

On 3-10-17, a found syringe was located on the 300 block of W. Gambler St. it was placed in the sharps container of car #7.

On 3-11-17, two officers responded to the Super 8 Motel on Coshocton Ave. on an arrest warrant. The officers located the suspect, Guy Mills and took him into custody on his outstanding warrants. Mills was escorted to the Knox County Jail and
incarcerated on the warrants. He was also issued two summons for drug related items.

On 3-11-17, an officer responded to an East Sugar St. address in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with a male and female in the back bedroom. While talking to the individuals the officer noticed two glass marijuana
bowls on the end tables next to the bed. No one claimed ownership of the bowls and they were placed into evidence to be destroyed. Nothing further to report.


On 3-10-17, Darren W. Zirkle was traveling southbound on S. Norton St. and stopped at a stop sign. Joshua R. Fowler was traveling westbound on W. Vine St. Zirkle failed to yield and was struck by Fowler.

On 3-10-17, While traveling northbound on N. Gay St. in the left lane of travel, Morgan E. Tedrick failed to stop for a posted stop sign and struck Pamela S. Stepp who was traveling eastbound on E. Pleasant St.

On 3-12-17, Tazuko Kume Davis was exiting the Star Brite Car Wash and Lube Center northbound into the parking lot. 1 failed to see the edge of the curb and struck it. This caused the vehicle to become lodged on the curb and unable to move. The car was freed by non-mechanical means. There may be damage to the underneath portion of the vehicle.

Fredericktown PD

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Disturbance on S. Main St.

Suspicious vehicle on W. 4th St.

Juvenile related complaint on Stadium Dr.

Disturbance on W. 1st St.

Tyler K. Adams, Mount Vernon, summons for underage consumption

Eric M. Watts, Butler, summons for providing alcohol to an underage person

Mariah R. Lybarger, Mount Vernon, citation for speed


Assisted EMS personnel on Boyd St.

Breaking and entering on S. Main St.

Disturbance on W. Sandusky St.

Traffic complaint on Ottawa Ave.

Disturbance on Columbus Rd.

Kenneth M. Crow, Barberton, summons for public indecency and open container



Knox Co. law reports March 10, 2017

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On 3-10-17, an individual came to the KCSO to file a report on an attempted fraud. He stated he had received a phone call from a David Richman, whose phone number is 876-477-2790. Richman told the individual he had won the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes along with as new car. The car would be delivered when the individuals sent Richman a certain amount of money to pay a tax. The individual did not agree to anything and just came to the KCSO to file a report of an attempted fraud.

On 3-9-17, the KCSO located Thomas Pruitt, Sr. at the Knox County Service Center. Pruitt had an arrest warrant out of the Mount Vernon Municipal Court. He was arrested and transported to the Knox County Jail without incident.

Knox Co. law reports March 8, 2017


On 3-7-17, an officer was dispatched to the Dollar General Store on North Sandusky St. on a possible theft involving two suspects. The suspects were identified and one was taken to jail for a probation violation. Nothing was taken from the store.


On 3-7-17, An unknown driver was traveling westbound through the drive-thru of McDonald's when he struck a concrete trash surround. He left the area without reporting the crash. The vehicle is described as a white pickup truck.

On 3-7-17, Billy R. Graves was traveling northbound into the Clarence Court Apartment parking lot. A vehicle belonging to Marjorie E. Keener was parked facing westbound in the lot. Graves attempted to park next to Keener's vehicle but struck it while turning into the parking space.


On 3-6-17, a student at MVHS reported someone had entered his vehicle and stole some items, including a Chromebook. The incident occurred sometime overnight at the student's residence. Some of the property was located and returned to the student.

On 3-7-17, an officer responded to a Meltzer Ct. address on a theft from vehicle complaint. The complainant indicated that an unknown person entered her unsecured vehicle and removed an item. The incident was captured on their surveillance video. The video is in the process of being downloaded for evidence. The investigation continues.

On 3-7-17, an individual reported finding syringes on E. Sugar St. An MVPD officer located the syringes and placed them in the sharps container of car #7 for destruction at a later date.

On 3-7-17, Police units responded to an injury accident at N. Main and Chestnut streets. Craig Lemon was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and transported to the Knox County Jail.

On 3-7-17 Shanna Higgins, 37, E. Pleasant St. was cited for driving under suspension/revocation.

On 3-7-17, Craig Lemon, 51, N. Mulberry St. was cited for running a red light and driving or physical control while under the influence of alcohol.


Knox Co. law reports March 9, 2017

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On 3-8-17, five deputies were dispatched to a domestic violence event on North Liberty Rd. Dispatch advised the complainant stated her boyfriend held a gun to her head and pulled out some of her hair. Deputies arrived and stopped the suspect from leaving in his vehicle. The firearm that was supposedly used was not found. The suspect, Andrew Scott Trombley, was arrested for assault and domestic violence.

On 3-8-17, an individual reported that person(s) unknown had opened a savings and checking account with her personal information.

Knox Co. law reports March 7, 2017

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On 3-3-17, the security officer at the Public Library reported finding a small baggie with a crystal substance in it. The item was found in the 1st floor men's bathroom. The substance was taken and secured in evidence. The substance was not tested. It was marked to be destroyed. There are no suspects.

On 3-3-17, An East Vine Street resident reported a theft to MVPD.

On 3-3-17, an officer responded to N. Mulberry St. to tow a vehicle for code enforcement.

On 3-3-17, an officer was requested by the Property Maintenance Enforcement Officer to have a vehicle removed from a property on Washington St. When the officer was on the scene the vehicle's keys were turned over to him and later turned over to the records division. The vehicle was secured in impound.

On 3-2-17, An officer was dispatched to Advanced Auto Parts on Coshocton Ave. on the report of an employee possibly doing drugs in the bathroom. Upon arrival contact was made with the suspect who was found to be in possession of a makeshift pipe used to smoke marijuana. A summons was issued for possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

On 3-4-17, an officer responded to a Coshocton Ave. business on a shoplifting complaint. Complainant and a witness indicated that an unknown Caucasian male approximately 25 with a scruffy beard wearing a blue hat with white insignia and a camouflage jacket shoplifted a light bar. Written statements and a copy of the video surveillance tape were obtained. The suspect is unknown at this time.

On 3-4-17, an officer responded to Knox Community Hospital in reference to found property. Complainant stated a patient had been transported to a Columbus hospital and while cleaning the room they located a pink handbag containing two hypodermic needles and makeup. The needles were placed into evidence for safekeeping. Nothing further to report.

On 3-4-17, a theft was reported on N. Norton St. Complainant stated her car was stolen while it was parked at this residence. She said she was told the car was in an impound lot in Columbus, Ohio. The investigation continues.

On 3-5-17, two officers were dispatched to a Coshocton Ave. business on a report of a male causing an issue. A summons was issued to the suspect and a report taken.

On 3-5-17, a report was made of a found hypodermic needle on N. Mulberry St. Upon his arrival the officer was shown the location of the needle which was placed into the sharps container in patrol car 6 to be destroyed later. A report was filed.

On 3-6-17, an officer was dispatched to an area of W. High St. and N. Harrison St. on a complaint of a residential fired. While on the scene he was approached by an individual who stated an individual was in his wife's apartment who was not to be there The officer went to the apartment and made contact with the suspect and the victim. The suspect stated he was looking for a ride home from the victim but the victim did not answer the door. The victim stated the suspect was not to e there and that she wanted to pursue charges. The suspect, Jeremy Morris was arrested and transported to the Knox Country Jail. In a search incident to the arrest a small amount of marijuana was found on Morris'' person. Morris was charged with criminal trespass and possession of marijuana.

On 3-6-17, an officer responded to a Coshocton Ave. business in reference to a shoplifting complaint. The officer made contact with the complainant who had the suspect detained. A summons for petty theft was issues to the suspect and the merchandise returned.


On 2-27-17, Brittany Cosner, 23, Chester St. Warrant-probation violation.

On 3-3-17, Jessey Thompson, 27, Howard, was cited for no operator's license.

On 3-3-17, Christopher Davis, 26, E. Pleasant St. was charged with possession of marijuana drug paraphernalia.

On 3-3-17, Danielle Reynolds, 27, Grandview Dr., was charged with criminal trespass.

On 3-3-17, Emma Hoeflich, 18, Fredericktown, was charged with marijuana drug paraphernalia.

On 3-3-17, Vincent Crim, 28, Shirley Ave. was arrested and cited for driving under suspension/revocation and charged with obstructing official business and criminal trespass.

On 3-3-17, Adah Keeton, 82, Columbus Rd. was cited for running a stop sign.

On 3-3-17, Chealsie Lowe, 24, Lonzo Ln. was arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant.

On 3-4-17, Max Bricker, 24, W. Vine St. was arrested as a suspicious person.

On 3-4-17, Brian Carle, 38, Hebron was cited for running a red light.

On 3-5-17, Walter Kelling, 34, N. Concord Dr. was arrested and charged with breaking and entering, criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

On 3-5-17, Todd Ryan, 44, Danville, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct with persisting.

On 3-5-17, Guy Mills, 45, Butler, was arrested and charged with driving under suspension/revocation. He was also cited for driving under suspension/revocation and headlights on vehicle.

On 3-6-17, Jeremy Morris, 28, W. Vine St. was arrested for criminal trespass and drug abuse.

On 3-6-17, William Vinson was arrested on a warrant.

On 3-6-17, Priscilla Cunningham, 74, W. Gambier St. was cited for running a stop sign.

On 3-6-17, Terra Ellis, 44, Upper Gilchrist Rd. was arrested for theft.

On 3-6-17, Brittany Ward w28, Shalimar Dr. was arrested for theft.


On 3-3-17, Adah Keeton was turning left from W. Hamtramck St. onto N. Mulberry St. David Green was southbound on N. Mullberry St. in the left lane. Keeton failed to see Green and struck Green while turning.

On 3-3-17, Both unites were eastbound on S. Main St. Jordan Thomas Hill was in front of Toni L. Shannon. Hill slowed for traffic and was struck by Shannon.


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Parking complaint on E. 1st St.

Assisted EMS personnel on Mt. Vernon Ave.

Well-being check on E. Sandusky St.

Animal related complaint on S. Main St.

Disturbance on High St.


Mental health related incident on E. Sandusky St.

Parking complaint on N. Main St.


Disturbance on S. Edgehill Dr.

Theft of medication on Mohawk St.

Drug possession complaint on Mohawk St.

Suspicious person on Stadium Dr.

Animal related complaint on Taylor St.

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On 3-6-17, Jay J. Henwood was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

On 3-6-17, an individual complained that someone had used her personal information to open an AT&T account without her permission. A report was filed to document the incident.

On 3-6-17, a deputy arrived at the Harcourt Motel where the complainant advised he had found two bicycles behind the motel. The bicycles were picked up and placed into evidence. A report was filed to document the incident.

On 3-6-17, the complainant called the KCSO and advised he had received a call from an investigator from the Florida Bureau of Criminal Investigation stating his identity was being used in their state. The complainant also received a call from a Michigan State Police Investigator for the same reason. A report was made to document the incident.

On 3-6-17, the complainant stated that Jeffrey A. Moilanan had returned and failed to leave when asked to do so after being warned to leave and not return. Moilanan was arrested for criminal trespass and transported to the Knox County Jail without incident.

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