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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

Law Enforcement

Knox County law reports Dec. 16, 2016

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on 12-14-16, Nicholas Grassbaugh, 24, Spruce St. was cited for expired or unlawful license plate.

On 12-14-16, Caleb Snyder, 20, Fredericktown, was cited for running a red light.

On 12-14-16, James Vanmeter, 54, Buena Vista Ave. was cited for assured clear distance ahead.

On 12-14-16, Matthew Knipp, 31,Harcourt Rd. was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and drug abuse.

On 12-14-16, officers were dispatched to a McGibney Rd address on a disturbance. Upon arrival the officers separated both parties and came to the conclusion the female had broken out the glass window. Neither party wanted to press charges against thew other, Both parties were warned about their conduct and were also advised that if the officers were to return they would be charged with disorderly conduct and possibly taken to jail. The female agreed to pay for the damage she caused. Case closed.

On 12-14-16, Matthew Knipp was found to be trespassing at an apartment building on E. Vine St. Knipp was told two separate times to leaved and on the third time was arrested for trespassing. Knipp was also found to be in possession of a green substance in a clear bag which was identified as marijuana.


On 12-14-16, Carolyn Cutler was traveling westbound on West High Street when struck by Caleb Riley Snyder. Snyder was traveling southbound on North Sandusky St. and failed to stop at a stop light. Cutler was treated at the scene and released. Both vehicles were towed.

On 12-14-16, James Vanmeter and Mindy S. Ferrell were both stopped at the traffic light facing northbound on S. Sandusky St. The light turned green and both began to go when traffic slowed causing Ferrell to stop and get rear ended by Vanmeter.

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On 12-14-16, Logan Weaver, was arrested on an outstanding warrant out of Ashland County Municipal Court. Weaver was arrested and transported to the Knox/Ashland county line wher he was turned over to the Ashland County Sheriff's Office.



12-15Fredericktown PD logo
Juvenile related complaint on Stadium Dr.
Disturbance on S. Main St.
Assisted Mt. Vernon Municipal Court Probation on High St.




Knox County law reports Dec. 5, 2016

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On 12-4-16, deputies were summoned to a Lock Rd. Centerburg address in reference to a complaint of a shattered windshield on complainant's vehicle.

On 12-4-16, deputies were summoned to a Perry Rd. address in Centerburg. Deputies were advised of a male subject beating on their front door and screaming someone was trying to kill him. Deputies responded to the incident location.

On 12-3-16, a complainant called and advised that she believed that an unknown person was loosening the lug nuts on her vehicle. A report was made for documentation.

On 12-2-16, complainant advised that Cheryl Capoccia scratched and punched him and pulled a knife on her son. Caspoccia was arrested without incident and transported to jail.

On 12-2-16, deputy was dispatched on a complaint that persons unknown had entered the victim's detached garage and removed several items.


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On 12-2-16, while traveling eastbound on Coshocton Ave, Seth Milligen failed to stop and struck the rear of Jonathan Cook who was stopped facing eastbound on Coshocton Ave. The collision caused Cook to strike the rear of Brandon Bordenkircher who was also stopped facing eastbound on Coshocton Ave.

On 12-3-16, Jack E. Welker was traveling north on North Gay St. and, while attempting to turn west on East High St. and struck Brittany Anne Erow who was traveling east on East High St. and stopped for as traffic signal. Welker had cut his turn too sharp and struck Erow.


On 12-2-16, an officer was dispatched to Kroger in reference to a shoplifting. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with two female suspects who were each issued summons for petty theft and released.

On 12-2-16, an officer responded to the Kroger store in reference to a theft complaint. Upon arrival the officer made contact with Brandy Butcher who had been detained in the Kroger security office. Items were found on her person and she was issued a summons for petty theft.

On 12-3-16, officers responded to an activated business alarm at CES Credit Union on Yauger Rd. Upon arrival, officers made contact with employees. A walk through was completed but no unauthorized parties were found. The investigation has been closed.

On 12-3-16, an officer was dispatched to a Coshocton Ave, address on a complaint of vandalism. Upon arrival contact was made with complainant who stated white marks and a dent appeared on his vehicle. No suspects have been identified.

On 12-3-16, an officer responded to TSC on Coshocton Rd. in reference to a theft complaint. Upon arrival the officer made contact with complainant who stated a female entered the store and picked a pair of boots and tried to return them, However, the receipt she had did not match the items she was trying to return. When she was refused the return she walked out of the store with the boots and got in the passenger side of a black Monte Carlo And left the area. The investigation continues.

On 12-4-16, an officer was dispatched to the area of 10 North Sandusky St. on a complaint of a found syringe, The anonymous caller stated the syringe was in the alley behind 10 N. Sandusky St. The syringe was found and placed in the sharps container of cruiser 6.

On 12-4-16, an officer spoke with a female on West Chestnut St. in reference to a theft complaint. A report was made of the alleged theft of an identification card


On 12-1-16, Hunter Gibson, 25, Coshocton Ave. was charged with theft.

On 12-2-16, Lyne Andresen was arrested on a warrant for house arrest violation.

On 12-2-16, William Fields, 17, Columbus Rd. was cited for running a red light.

On 12-2-16, Beth Long, 25, N. Norton St. was cited for no operator's license.

On 12-2-16, Roxann Pugliese was cited for speeding.

On 12-2-16, Ronald Nowak, 54, New Albany, was cited for speeding,

On 12-2-16, Floyd Barnes, 95, Eastmoor Dr. was cited for running a red light.

On 12-2-16, John Haxton, 49, N. Mulberry St. was charged with theft.

On 12-2-18, Kristy Roesing, 25, Oakway Dr. was charged with theft.

On 12-2-16, Sierra Zedaker, 18, E. Vine St. was charged with theft.

On 12w-2-16, Saeth Milligan was cited for Assured Clear Distance Ahead.

On 12-3-16, Shane Cody, 37, Whiteheirs St. was arrested on a warrant for probation violation and possessing drug abuse instruments.

On 12-3-16 Shawn Price, 312, Plaza Dr. was arrested on a warrant for probation violation.

On 12-3-16, Elizabeth Dowalter, 37, N. Norton St. was charged with drug paraphernalia offenses.

On 12-3-16, Tylor Johnson, 23, N. Mulberry St. was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

On 12-3-16, Kaya Ross, 37, Sychar Rd. was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

On 12-4-16, Dandalynne Burson, 26, N. Mulberry St. was cited for expired or unlawful license plates.

On 12-4-16, Teresa Gannon, 42, Utica, was cited for speeding.


Knox County law reports August 25, 2016


8-24Fredericktown PD logo

Assisted the Knox County Sheriff’s Office on Netherlands Rd.
Chad L. Stroud, Fredericktown, arrested on an outstanding warrant.
Juvenile related complaint on Stadium Dr.
Disturbance on S. Main St.
Solicitation complaint on S. Edgehill Dr.
Assisted the Mt. Vernon Police Department on S. Main St.


Disturbance on S. Main St.
Animal related complaint on Ottawa Ave.
Vehicle unlock on Green Valley Rd.
Vandalism on W. College St.
Suspicious person on Long St.
Assisted the fire department on N. Main St.


Knox County law reports Nov. 2, 2016

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On 11/1/16, Michael Diaz was traveling northbound on N.Sandusky St. when his vehicle struck an unoccupied parked vehicle.

On 11/1/16, Nathan Dunaway and Stephanie M. Travis were traveling southbound on S. Main St.. Travis slowed for traffic and was struck in the rear by Dunaway.

On 11/1/16, While traveling westbound on Mount Vernon Ave, Alexander J. Diehl struck the rear end of Sandra Helman. who was stationery while attempting to make a left turn onto Cougar Dr. Helman was transported to KCH by medic 492.


On 11/1/16, officers were dispatched to the area of Blackjack Road Extension. To assist Ohio State Highway Patrol with an injured deer call. Upon arrival, officers located the deer on the south side of the roadway. The deer was alive but injured. The deer was dispatched by an officer with his service pistol.

On 10/312/16, an act of vandalism was reported to the MVPD.

On 11/1/16, an officer found an individual in Moundview Cemetery. Officer smelled the odor of raw marijuana in the car. The officer asked the individual about it and she stated she had drug paraphernalia and marijuana. After a search of the car, the marijuana was found. A summons was issued and the individual was released.


On 11/1/16,  Cody Wirth, 23, Howard, was cited for running a stop sign.

On 11/1/16,  Michael Diaz, 39, Newark, was cited for failure to control.

On 11/1/16,  Nathan Dunaway, 32, E. Burgess St. was cited for assured clear distance ahead.

On 11/1/16,  a minor was cited for assured clear distance ahead.

On 11/1/16, Matthew Lybarger, 21, Carson Rd. was cited for failure to yield when driving onto a roadway.

On 11/1/16, Karen Fulks, 62, Howard was cited for expired or unlawful license plates.

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On 11/1/16, officer spoke to a complainant in Centerburg who advised that unknown person(s) had used her Social Security number and other personal information to open an account with Fingerhut, then purchase a cell phone and a pair of shoes. She advised she has never had an account with Fingerhut.

Complainant was advised to call the Social Security Administration and a credit card fraud service to report what happened. A report was made to document the incident.

On 11/1/16, officer was dispatched to Peoples Bank on the report of a counterfeit $20 bill.

On 11/1/16, officer spoke with complainant who advised a water main break had damaged his residence. The officer viewed the damage. The carpet was soaked along with ther sub flooring. Complainant advised this had also happened about a year ago. Complainant advised he wanted the incident documented for insurance purposes.


11-1Fredericktown PD logo

911 hang up call on High St. Ext.

Animal related complaint on E. College St.

Ryan P. Sheehan, Gambier, citation for expired registration

Marijuana grow operations found in aerial search

MOUNT VERNON – Members of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Mount Vernon Police Department, Adult Parole Authority, and Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification Thursday conducted an aerial sweep of Knox County for marijuana grow operations.  Information for the grow locations came from several sources including Fredericktown Police, Danville Police, Mount Vernon P.D., the Sheriff’s Office, and citizens of Knox County.

According to KCSO Captain Jay Sheffer the
operation was made possible by BCI&I as they covered the cost of the helicopter rental.
The day long operation yielded 231 marijuana plants pulled from various grow locations in the county. The plants varied from about one foot tall to close to six feet tall.

No charges have been filed for any of the locations. Sheffer says this due to the fact that most individuals growing the marijuana trespass on the property of others to plant the crop.

In a news release Sheffer said, “We encourage all citizens to act on their instincts and call in and report suspicious activity they observe. The Homeland Security saying is “See something, Say something.” If this is done as a whole we can better police our community.”

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