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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

Law Enforcement

Knox Co. law reports Jan. 6, 2017

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On 1-5-17, an officer observed a red four-door Chevy with a broken driver's side window. It appeared to have been shot with a BB. The officer attempted to contact the owner at his residence but was unable to meet with anyone. A card was left with the report number. Th suspect(s) are unknown at this time. The officer ultimetly met with the owner on 1-5-17 and provided information.

On 1-4-17, officers responded to a disturbance involving an unruly juvenile at a Howard St. address.

On 1-5-17, an individual reported that her vehicle wa damaged while it was parked in front of her residence on New Gambier Rd. She advised that both windows on the driver's side had been damaged.

On 1-5-17, MVPD and MVFD were dispatched to an East Sugar St. address on a drug overdose. Complainant stated there was a male who was unresponsive and not breathing. Upon the departments' arrival there was one male found near the stairs who was breathing but unresponsive and another male upstairs who was unresponsive and not breathing. Both males were administered NARCAN by the fire dept. Both males came to and were transported to the hospital for further treatment. One written statement was collected from a witness.


On 1-4-17, Robert Wirick, 27, Fairgrounds Rd. was charged with driving under suspension/revocation.

On 1-4-17, Daniel Wood, 19, Wigton Rd. was cited for failure to yield right of way when turning left.

On 1-5-17, Ryan Parks, 20, Greenway Dr. was cited for drive onto roadway/duty to yield.

On 1-5-17, Donald Adams, 35, Fairgrounds Rd. was cited for driving under an FRA suspension.


On 1-5-17, James B. Williams was traveling southbound on South Main St. Ryan C. Parks was exiting the Speedway Gas station parking lot and failed to yield to traffic while entering the roadway and was struck by Williams.


1-6Fredericktown PD logo

Parking complaint on N. Main St.

Juvenile complaint on Stadium Dr.

Vehicle unlock on Malibu Cir.

Telephone harassment complaint on Boyd St.

Assisted the Sutter County, CA Sheriff’s Office on S. Main St.

Assisted EMS personnel on E. Mound St.

Jean A. McKinley, Mt. Vernon, citation for speed


Traffic complaint on N. Main St


Knox Co. law reports Jan. 4, 2017


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On 1-1-17, officers were dispatched to Shalimar Dr. on a burglary complaint. Upon arrival they made contact with the complainants who stated a suspect had entered their house, was confronted by one of the complainants and fled the areas. During the investigation, officers came into contact with Jeremy Morris. Morris had an active warrant and was placed under arrest. During a search a small amount of marijuana and various drug paraphernalia were found on his person or in his belongings. Morris was transported to the Knox County Jail on his warrant and issued a summons for the drug paraphernalia and marijuana. The case is being reviewed for further charges.

On 1-1-17, officers responded to a possible shooting on Prospect St.

On 1-1-17, Units were dispatched to Prospect and Calhoun streets on a report of a disturbance. Christopher Sapp was located and arrested on a warrant. Sapp was transported to jail and a report was taken.

On 1-1-17, officers were dispatched to McGibney Rd. on a report of a disturbance. Upon arrival complainant advised that he son was threatening self harm and harm to police officers. The individual was pink slipped and found in possession of a hypodermic syringe. Charges were filed.

On 1-1-17, an officer responded to a Boynton St. address in reference to a vandalism complaint. Complainant stated he went out to his truck and observed the passenger side window was broken. After searching the vehicle he was unable to find anything missing A report was taken.

On 1-3-17, an officer responded to Kroger in reference to a shoplifting incident. Upon arrival the officer made contact with security. Security stated he stopped the suspect for selecting, concealing and exiting without paying. Items were 3 cans of beer and a jar of sauce. Suspect admitted taking the items and was cooperative during the incident. Suspect was advised to stay off of Kroger property in the future or face criminal trespass charges.

On 1-2-17, an officer responded to Kroger in reference to a shoplifting complaint. Upon arrival the officer made contact with the complainant who had detained a suspect. The suspect was issued a summons for petty theft and released. The property was returned to Kroger.

On 12-31-16, an officer responded to the Super 8 Motel on a theft complaint. While on the scene, the officer spoke with the complainant and a witness. An attempt to contact the suspect was made but it was unsuccessful.

On 12-31-16, Officers responded to a West Chestnut st. address in reference to a burglary. Contact was made with the victim who stated her guitar was missing. There are no suspects at this time.

On 12-31-16, an officer was dispatched to a Follin Ave. address on a report of a theft. Upon arrival complainant stated his house key was taken.


On 12-30-16, Rex Hunter 25, Bellville. was cited for fictitious plates.

On 12-31-16, Matti Vernon, 32, Centerburg, was cited for expired or unlawful plates.

On 12-31-16, Jessica Elliot, 24, Fredericktown, was cited for expired or unlawful plates.

On 12-31-16, Amelia Mazza, 35, Verndale Dr. was cited for expired or unlawful plates.

On 1-1-17, Jeremy Morris, 28, Upper Gilchrist Rd. was arrested for drug paraphernalia offenses, drug abuse and a probation violation warrant.

On 1-1-17, Christopher Sapp, 37, Fredericktown, was arrested for hypodermic possession, drug abuse and on an outstanding warrant.

On 1-1-17, Brandon Butler, 20, McGibney Rd. was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments.

On 1-2-17, Joseph Gouge, 30, Coshocton Ave. was cited for failure to transfer registration and expired or unlawful plates.

On 1-2-17, Andy Black, 39, Howard,was arrested on a warrant.

On 1-2-17, Stephen Ocheltree, 39, whereabouts unknown, was arrested on an arrest warrant.

On 1-2-17, Shannon Jesser, 29, N. Mulberry St. was cited for no operator's license.

On 1-3-127, Emily Adams, 26, East St. was arrested and charged with theft.

On 1-3-17, Daniel Morris, 30, Upper Gilchrist Rd. was arrested for theft.

On 1-3-127, James Dally, 91, Howard, was cited for failure to yield.


On 1-2-17, Theresa Fraser was parked westbound in Kroger parking lot. Roger Dumaree was traveling southbound in the travel lane. Fraser pulled southwest bound out of the parking space and was struck by Dumaree. Fraser indicated that she never saw Dumaree travel through the parking lot.

On 1-2-17, Chad E. Flack was backing westbound when it struck a vehicle owned by U-Haul Co, which was unoccupied.

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Disturbance on Summit Dr.

Civil issue on Mohawk Dr.

Civil issue on W. Second St.


Disturbance on S. Main St.

Disturbance on Posey Dr.


Assisted EMS personnel on Salem Ave.

Animal related complaint on N. Main St.


Report of shots fired on Colony Dr.

Assisted the Sheriff’s Office on Netherland Rd.

Burglary on Front St.

Trespassing complaint on Malibu Cir.

Knox Co. law reports Dec. 27, 2016


12-26Fredericktown PD logo

Property damage report on S. Main St.

Found property (drug paraphernalia) on S. Main St.


Suspicious vehicles on N. Main St.

Assisted EMS personnel on S. Main St.

Animal related complaint on Shawnee Dr.

Found property (cell phone) on W. Sandusky St.

Suspicious person on Salem Ave. Ext.

Assisted the Sheriff’s Office on Bryant Rd.

Matthew P. Ward, Lexington, citation for speed.


Commercial alarm drop on N. Main St.

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On 12-26, Troy Dupler, 30, Vincent Road, was arrested for Domestic Violence. According to the report a female victim suffered injuries to her mouth, head/skull, neck, and right knee. Dupler was charged with several offenses and taken to the Knox County jail.

On 12-25-16, The complainant advised he had a package that was taken along with two checks. A report was made to document the incident.

On 12-25-16,Officer was advised of a violation of a protection order. The suspect, was located and arrested.

On 12-25-16, Joseph Anthony Roman, Jr. who had an outstanding warrant was located at the intersection of Howard Danville Road and Chapel Road. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Knox County Jail.

On 12-25-16, deputies were dispatched to a Huffman Rd. address in reference to a possible burglary. APS4 was taken but due to the mess at the residence it was undetermined if anything else was missing. Photographs and a statement were taken.


Traffic complaintDPD patch

12/22 DPD handled a traffic complain on W. Rambo Street.


12/23 DPD responded to a disturbance at a S. Market Street business.


12/24 DPD issued traffic citation for Speeding to Nathan A. McAvoy age 27 of Reynoldsburg.

Suspicious Vehicle

12/26 DPD responded to a suspicious vehicle on S. Linwood Street.


12/26 DPD took Theft report on Black Road.

12/26 DPD took two separate Theft From Vehicle reports on S. Linwood Street.

Recover Stolen Property

12/26 DPD made two separate Recovered Stolen Property reports from S. Linwood Street.

Aggravated Trespass

12/26 DPD took Aggravated Trespassing report on S. Linwood Street



Knox Co. law reports Jan. 2, 2017

Danville PDDPD patch


12/28 DPD responded to a disturbance at the Car Wash on Flat Run Road.


12/28 DPD issued a traffic citation to Ronald H. Lockwood age 43 of Rochester, N.Y. for Driving Under Suspension. Officer also discovered drugs & drug paraphernalia. Lockwood was arrested and transported to the Knox County Jail. Report will be forwarded to the Prosecutor for additional felony charges.


12-30Fredericktown PD logo

Motorist assist on W. Sandusky St.


Parking complaint on N. Main St.

Disturbance on S. Main St.

Kayla M. Lallathin, Fredericktown, arrested for misuse of 911

KCSO KCSO logo black

On 1-2-17, dispatch advised Utica PD had arrested Heather Mele in Utica on a failure to appear warrant out of Mount Vernon Municipal Court and were requesting a transport of Mele to the Knox County Jail. She was transported without incident and released to the custody of the Knox County Jail.

On 1-1-17, complainant advised that an unknown suspect took $40 cash from one of her client's personal use money. A report was requested for documentation.



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Knox County law reports Dec. 16, 2016

Arrests/Citations/Chargesmvpd patch logo

on 12-14-16, Nicholas Grassbaugh, 24, Spruce St. was cited for expired or unlawful license plate.

On 12-14-16, Caleb Snyder, 20, Fredericktown, was cited for running a red light.

On 12-14-16, James Vanmeter, 54, Buena Vista Ave. was cited for assured clear distance ahead.

On 12-14-16, Matthew Knipp, 31,Harcourt Rd. was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and drug abuse.

On 12-14-16, officers were dispatched to a McGibney Rd address on a disturbance. Upon arrival the officers separated both parties and came to the conclusion the female had broken out the glass window. Neither party wanted to press charges against thew other, Both parties were warned about their conduct and were also advised that if the officers were to return they would be charged with disorderly conduct and possibly taken to jail. The female agreed to pay for the damage she caused. Case closed.

On 12-14-16, Matthew Knipp was found to be trespassing at an apartment building on E. Vine St. Knipp was told two separate times to leaved and on the third time was arrested for trespassing. Knipp was also found to be in possession of a green substance in a clear bag which was identified as marijuana.


On 12-14-16, Carolyn Cutler was traveling westbound on West High Street when struck by Caleb Riley Snyder. Snyder was traveling southbound on North Sandusky St. and failed to stop at a stop light. Cutler was treated at the scene and released. Both vehicles were towed.

On 12-14-16, James Vanmeter and Mindy S. Ferrell were both stopped at the traffic light facing northbound on S. Sandusky St. The light turned green and both began to go when traffic slowed causing Ferrell to stop and get rear ended by Vanmeter.

KCSOKCSO logo black

On 12-14-16, Logan Weaver, was arrested on an outstanding warrant out of Ashland County Municipal Court. Weaver was arrested and transported to the Knox/Ashland county line wher he was turned over to the Ashland County Sheriff's Office.



12-15Fredericktown PD logo
Juvenile related complaint on Stadium Dr.
Disturbance on S. Main St.
Assisted Mt. Vernon Municipal Court Probation on High St.




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