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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

MOUNT VERNON - If you had been counting on vouchers from Knox County Job and Family Services to help with school supplies for your children this year you will need to make other arrangements. Funds are not available this year. Two private sector businesses are hoping to fill the void left by the government program to distribute school supplies to needy families.

Jay DePolo of DePolo & Associates, Inc. said he had seen reports about the lack of vouchers. The local Salvation Army is now accepting donations of money and supplies to help fill the voice. DePolo says his team reached out last Wednesday to the Salvation Army and they let them know that they had not received any supplies and only $5.

A member of DePolo's team, Ryan Hartman, reached out to a friend that manages a Fredericktown restaurant to see if they were interested in helping out. They were quick to jump on board. Duffer's is located at 39 North Main Street in Fredericktown and DePolo's office at 502 Coshocton Avenue are now collection points for both monetary and supply donations.

They will be collecting until August 1st.

Interchurch Social Services (ISS) Executive Director Joy Harris tells KnoxPages.com that Interchurch is, "...urging families to use the food pantries to try to free-up a little bit to help with their purchases. Also, we will be posting information this week about the tax-free holidays the weekend of August 4, 5, & 6."

Different offices have been contacted by individuals and/or businesses about doing supply drives. Anything that is collected and donated to ISS will be distributed by the individual offices. Families are encouraged to to check back with ISS in August.

Harris also says in the past, they have distributed 2,000 clothing vouchers, 2,000 school supply vouchers and 650 taxable vouchers for things like shampoo and laundry soap.  

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