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KnoxEats restaurant review: Amato's Woodfired Pizza

By Marty Trese for KnoxPages.com

MOUNT VERNON - North Sandusky Street just got a huge culinary boost with the addition of Amato's Woodfired Pizza in the building that used to house a hair salon and exercise studio. The new look is rustic with warm colors and modern lighting. There is pizza - but so much more - including appetizers, salads, a large beer and wine selection and homemade cheesecake.

Amatos exterior

When we arrived the parking lot at 668 N. Sandusky was full. We were greeted by a friendly host and one of our dinner party had already arrived so we were seated immediately. It looked like others had to wait a few minutes for their table. There were several tables - all full - and four or five booths along one wall. While it is a basically an open space, the large bar section is separated from the dining room with a wall with a large TV on it tuned to a Columbus newscast. We sat in the dining room.

Our server quickly came over and said hello and took our drink order. It was a tough decision. The menu offers red and white wines, 24 speciality/craft beers, as well as draft beers, and soft drinks.

After our drinks were decided upon, we order a meatball appetizer. The slightly spicy meatballs were in a tomato sauce and really got the tastebuds to wake up.

My husband and I decided to split a large Margherita pizza. The presentation was wonderful with fresh strips of basil on top. The crust was thin and crispy. The pizza was very tasty and we quickly ate it all. We probably could have each ordered the large and finished it. Our son ordered a small pizza with some unusual toppings. Our teenager does tend to go for the unconventional offerings. So he had what the menu called The Berliner, which included tomato sauce, sauerkraut, and kielbasa. That was quickly devoured and we were offered cheesecake for dessert.

We spoke to operations manager Dustin Overholser who told us the cheesecakes are homemade by "A little lady in Delaware who makes money to play golf by selling her cheesecakes, Cheesecakes by Bernie."

Amatos cheesecake

My chocolate raspberry cheesecake came with strawberries and chocolate sauce

I chose the chocolate raspberry cheesecake, my dining partners decided to go with the Oreo. It was the perfect way to top off a wonderful meal.

Knox eats 4 forks

The prices on the food and drinks were comparable to similar restaurants you might find in Columbus or Mansfield.

The restaurant also features a small private dining room with 8 tables. And the restroom was clean and bright with all hands free amenities. Amato's just opened last Monday and Overholser says they are still hiring. The original Amato's is in Delaware. There are plans to open a third Amato's restaurant in Marion.

Overall, I would highly recommend Amato's Woodfired Pizza for the great food and the fun atmosphere and enthusiastically give it a 4 forks (out of four) rating.

Atmosphere: 4 Forks
Fare: 4 Forks
Service: 4 Forks
Value: 4 Forks
Overall: 4 Forks



MSMV searching for Executive Director


MOUNT VERNON – Main Street Mount Vernon announced that Brianna Cooper-Risser has resigned as the Executive Director of Main Street Mount Vernon effective June 2, 2017.

“We were saddened to receive Brianna’s resignation, but we understand her desire to pursue other opportunities that fit better with her personal goals,” stated Heather Brayshaw, Main Street Mount Vernon board president.  “Brianna was a great addition to our organization and did a terrific job in the time she was with us.  We wish her all the best.”

An Executive Director search committee has been formed.  Becky Glass, Main Street Mount Vernon board member, will serve as the Interim Director until a permanent replacement is identified.



COTC Surgical Tech student goes on medical mission trip to Haiti


NEWARK – A Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) surgical technology student is taking the hands-on training she is getting in the classroom around the world. Lina Cherneta, 22, of Galloway recently returned from a medical mission trip to Haiti.

“This was my fourth trip to Haiti,” said Cherneta. “I travel with Slavic Full Gospel (SFG) Ministries based in Cleveland. We visit villages that don’t have hospitals or clinics and help the people with medical issues.”

Cherneta traveled to Haiti on a medical mission trip for the first time while she was in high school in 2012. It was an experience that changed her, and she developed a special place in her heart for the people of Haiti.

“We see a lot of wounds and do a lot of wound treatment,” said Cherneta. “Almost every child has a fungal infection and suffers from malnourishment. There are a lot of people with high blood pressure, and we do dental work by pulling a lot of teeth.”

Going on these trips helped Cherneta decide what she wanted to do with her life. She knew she needed to help people and thought getting a degree in surgical technology would be the best way to follow her dreams. After taking classes at COTC, Cherneta is able to bring her knowledge to the people of Haiti.

“The surgical technology program has given me so much,” said Cherneta. “I was able to organize the medical team in Haiti, and I managed setting up stations.”

Cherneta said the experiences she had in Haiti during this last trip are ones she will never forget.

COTC nurse

“There was an older lady. She came in and brought in her grandson. He was only 2 or 3 years old. He had a burn from five days earlier. He had fallen into a pot of hot water and burned his bottom. A lot of food they prepare is on an open fire on the floor or ground. We cleaned out his burn as much as we could with the supplies we had and gave him a cream. It was so sad,” said Cherneta. “Helping people like this in Haiti has become a passion. I have this desire to use what I know to help them.”

Cherneta is on track to graduate in December of 2017. She hopes to get a job at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center where she is currently on clinical rotation. But, she plans to continue taking the yearly trip to Haiti.

“I plan to continue to go on mission trips with the focus of helping a hospital there,” said Cherneta. “I don’t know why it is such a passion, but I have this desire to help.”

The surgical technology program prepares students to be members of the surgical teams containing surgeons, anesthesiologists, registered nurses and other surgical personnel. Before, during and after surgery, surgical technologists deliver critical patient care and help ensure a safe surgical environment. COTC offers an associate degree and one-year certificate in surgical technology. Graduates participate in a national certifying exam to become a certified surgical technologist (CST). The surgical technology program is accredited by The Commission on ​Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. To learn more about the program visit: cotc.edu/surgtech.

COTC was ranked number one in Ohio and number 19 in the nation by PayScale in its 2016-17 College Salary Report ranking the best community and career colleges by salary potential. COTC is a fully accredited, public college dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible programs of technical education in response to current and emerging employment needs. COTC is the only technical college in Ohio operating four full-service campus locations: Newark, Coshocton, Knox and Pataskala.


MVHS names top students for 4th 9 weeks

MOUNT VERNON - Grade cards for the 4th nine week grading period have been distributed and the academic rolls have been released by MVHS. 


Honor Roll
Sean Badger, Cameron Booth, Matthew Brenneman, James Burcham, Elizabeth Day, Nathan Dinnen, Michael Dowalter, Odalys Fajardo, Mark Fongheiser,
Kenneth Franz, Gregory Gillen, Taylor Gregory, Alula Hunsen, Brooke Johnson, Sara Jordan, Fiona Keller, Abigayle Kuhn, Morgan Lang, Joshua McClure, Margaret McCluskey, Natasha Miller, Nathaniel Miner, Jennifer Noonan, Theodore Reed, Victoria Risko, Keith Robinson, Stephanie Sant, Denasan Spalla,
Nicole Steady, Jessica Stitts, Jacob Tiell, Torrey Totman, Jessica Wilds, Lauryn Williams, Timothy Zeller.

Merit Roll
Megan Aune, Megan Bell, Nicholas Burson, Lindsey Conant, Andrew Crane, Devin Durbin,
Lauren Fithian, Dimitrios Giakoumas, Katelyn Goetzman, Savannah Harri, Dustin Hess, Nicholas Jones, Savannah Keyes, Cecelia King, Kaylin Kirkman, Maya McDonald, Bryce Mortera, Clayton Noggle, Julia Paxton,
Hailey Priest, Dalayna Riffle, Hunter Rine, Alexis Robinson, Danielle Sant, Cole Shuman, Alexa Skal, William Smith, Logan Springer, Matthew Stephens, Joshua Swartz, Sydney Thompson, Cody Valrance, Ashley Wilson.

Achievement Roll
Tatum Adrian, Wyatt Allen, Keely Bainbridge, Isabella Ballantyne, Maria Becerril, Kennedey Bell, Camilo Best, Randall Bialota, Chloe Burdette, Cynthia Castle, Dawn Christine, Ryanna Cline, Morgan Comer, Brody Conde, Alexandria Estes, Elizabeth Garcia Walton, Paige Hashman, Jackson Heffernan,
Joseph Higginbotham, Brittany Hines, Kailyn Jackson, Lauren Jones, Jarrod Laslo, Mary Lowe, Taylor Lowe, April Mawer, Brooke McClary, Kylee Miracle, Avery Mullins, Tyler Needles, Levi Perry, David Phillips, Gabrielle Rudder, Emily Russell, Carlie Skinner, David Stebbins.


Honor Roll
Eleanor Broeren, Ethan Buehrer, Molly Burnside, Maxwell Chandler, Aidan Clarkson, Alani Copas, Connor Curry, Sulekh Fernando-Peiris, Mary Harris, Abagail Hawk, Andrew Hedrick, Lauren Keaton, Hannah Kinnear, Angela Kladias, Seth Lawhon, Samuel Mader, Olivia Matulich, Taylor McCann, Peyton McCord, Brooks McKinley, Amanda Miglin, Jordan Mullett, Mayre Newcomb, Maggie Nussbaum, Nikolas Otto, Kelsey Plasse, Shannon Powers, Nicholas Rapp, Gennete Saciri, Noah Shremshock, Ryan Tarr, Zachary Thompson, Luke Trese, Amanda Walton.

Merit Roll
Richard Baer, Kori Baughman, William Browning, Bradyn Burke, Lily Christian, Troy Clendenen, Kaden Daniels,
Hudson Dennis, Alexander Diehl, Rachel Duvall, Joshua Egan, Colton Fields, Audrianna Fiorilli, Abbie Fisher, Camille Fitzsimmons, Cody Flack, Clarice Frye, Corey Frye, Jordyn Galbraith, Kayla Gilmore, Jaxon Gregory, Kristen Harris, Ashlee Hulse, Annika Kanuckel-Wolfe, Jada Kennerly, Frederick Mayville, Jade McCurdy, Joshua Miller, Benjamin Moore, Veronica Morgan, Daria O'Brien, Natalee Plank, Makylee Poole, Morgan Pryor, Nicholas Ries, Jeffrey Rucker, Jack Rummel, William Shannon, Conner Squires, Isaac Stallard, Conrad Stein, Lauren Trace, Emily Waters, Luke Whitaker, Aleah Wood, Danielle Wynkoop, Terra Zollars.

Achievement Roll
Collin Barteau, Tyler Bills, Celestine Brandenburg, Jordyne Brown, Jasmeen Cales, Hannah Dowalter, Matthew Furno, Dane Giehl, Makenzy Groom,
Kendall Hinkle, Kenzie Kent, James Loveland, Mark Mahan, Alannah Mazza, Luke McKee, Alexander Metcalf, Isabella Metcalfe, Logan Meyer, Cameron Minton, Addysun Mullins, Sean Nestor, Monica Newton, Alexis Oliver, Abigail Palm. Kimberly Ramos, Gannon Reddy, Stephanie Rine, Burim Saciri,
Marcus Shellenbarger, Jacob Smith, Dylan Tarrh, Logan Tate, Macy Wolfe.


Honor Roll

Zachary Ballenger, Lily Burnside, Carson Carpenter, Nathanael Cook, Dakota Daniels, Sarah Day, Matthew Dinnen, Corinne Eutsey, Angelia Fuscaldo, Elizabeth Gifford, Chase Holdener, Christopher Hull, Layne Lepley, Sarah Lord, Malcolm MacDonell, Alyssa McElhatten, Herbert Meyer, Maygan Newcomb, Josephine Noonan, Harrison Ogle, Abigail Plants, Mehmet Schubel, Leslie Vincelet.


Merit Roll
Gabriella Acker, Jilliann Baker, Victoria Baker, Hannah Baldwin, Chase Barron, Emma Barteau, Averey Bell, Leslie Bell, Charles Bonham, Kyle Boucher, Zachary Broeren, Trinidy Brown, Julianna Burcham, Taylor Combs, Erika Conant, Kristyn Conrad, Mia Craigo, Jonathan Crow,
Cassidy Daniels, Brittany Dyckes, Max Luke Elliott, Curtis Erlandson, Chase Ferguson, Jenna Fink, Meghan Foos, Kylie Goudy, Abigail Hamman, Jordan Hoag, Latasha Hogan,
Noah Hubbard, Taryn King, Andreas Kladias, Rylin Lybarger, Tyler Mackie, Charles Mayville, Clare Mazzei, Isabel McDonald, Kacie Mill, Lee Miller, Desaray Moore, Rachel Murray, Madison Neale, Ryan Neuerer, Ashley Parsons, David Parsons, Jonathan Pastor, Syvannah Payne, Megan Pentz, Scott Presley,
Madison Pruitt, Mackenzie Rayburn, Dylan Riffle, Matthew Sabula, Michelle Sant, Delaney Short, Colton Skal, Marshall Smith, Jaxon Snyder, Kendra Spitzer,
Ashley Stacy, Noah Stephens, Alexis Swihart, Halseighanne Thomas, Brandy Thompson, Mary Troy,
Cody West, Kayley Wiles, Ryan Yarger, Noah Zoldak.

Achievement Roll
Arya Anak Agung, Vincent Anderson, Kira Bielecki, Lacey Blubaugh, Savannah Blubaugh, Jacob Burris, Devin Campbell, Hannah Cockrell, Damaris Cormier,
Hunter Coscia, Sabrina Dannes, Jacob Dehart, Allison Dyer, Ashton Fisher, Kaitlyn Fisher, Devon Flack, Brandon Grabow, Jacklyn Heaton, Sarah Hinchcliff,
Allen Jacobson, Desrae Littleton, Samuel Long, Alexa McElroy, Ryan McManaway, Tonya Merillat, Sarah Metz, Kylie Mickley, Jersie Monroe, Anna Neipling,
Darien Novatney, Carson Rhoades, Richard Roman, Hanna Sims, Drew Staats, Hope Straight, Brooke Swisher, Avery Tannehill, Kennedy Thomas, Christian Thompson, Max Vanfossen, Jacob Walton-Keys, Ava Wiggand, John Yarman, Grace Ziegler, Killian Zornes.



Honor Roll
Delora Alle, Larissa Blanchard, Sandi Brenneman, Isaac Browning, Owen Decatur, Michaela Hunter, Hayden Lingel, Kiley Lowe, Samuel Riffle, Netsanet Waal.

Merit Roll
Johanna Adkins, Abigail Adu, Cole Alexander, Saliha Aydin, Landon Barkschat, Spencer Bills, Cheney Bonaudi, Skyler Bower, Sir Dameon Bowles, John Brenneman, Emma Buehrer, Jonah Burson, Jordan Conant, Megan Curry, Connor Dailey, Shelby Daughriety, Alexandra Deever, Jeffery Dovenbarger, Noah Eddy, Celina Fritsch, Tyler Gregory, Noah Hagner, Sarah Hamilton, Marissa Hauke, Cassidy Helman, Noah Humphrey, David Jessup, Hannah Johnson, Wyatt Kissell, Jason Lamoure, Sara Landon, Jacob Lebold, Darius Lytle, Jacob Maddux, Kassady Martin, Katelyn McKinley, Molly McKinley, Caleb McNichols, Killian Meade, Anna Paxton, Sarah Payne, Spencer Riffle, Gabriela Rivera Avalos, Brooklynn Rockwell, Travis Rudrick, William Small, Riley Stetler, Abigail Streiber,
Abigail Strong, Kyndall Sullins, Kianna Sunderman, Adam Temple, Ryan Tiell, Anastasia Tracey, Marisol Varela Ausec, Margaret Williams, Zoe Wise, Maxwell Wolfe, Brycen Wood.

Achievement Roll
Trevor Adrian, Deanndra Allen, Abigail Baker, Owen Baughman, Jaqueline Becerril Rodriguez, Cory Berg, Lyndsay Bond, Kaylee Burke, Hannah Chadwick,
Sierra Clark, Jasmine Davidson, Emily Depolo, Hannah Doane, Alexandra Dunkle, Bryant Estrada Ramirez, Landon Ewers, Clayton Fonner,
Draven Fowler, Zachary Fry, Fabian Garcia Chavez, Elizabeth Gutridge, Savanah Haist, Narek Hardnock, Halie Hartman, Hanna Hyde, Haylee Hyde, Danae Jenkins, Michael Johns, Ashlyn Kelley, Cailyn Kennedy, Taelyn King, Samuel Kuhn, Alyse Ladig, Carter Lasater, Katelyn Lawhorn, Alexia McGough, Alexander Mullins, Rachel Mulvihill, Justin Neighbarger, Cade Noel, Claire Ogle, Andrea Origel, Payton Orr, Alexandra Otto, Jacob Paff, Kacie Pappas, Westen Pugh, Lucille Quinn, Jack Russell, Luke Russell, Katelyn Sanchez, Tate Savage, Jackielee Schaade, Jonas Schaaf, Jillian Short, Kayla Shroyer, Isaac Sigman, Braden Spearman, Aaron Stallard, Spencer Stanley, Madalynn Stradley, Tristen Taylor, Kimberly Trapp, Kayla Vanriper, Bettie Waggoner, Ian Whitaker, Timothy Wright.








Colored lights installed on Rastin Tower at AF Park thanks to private donation

By Marty Trese, KnoxPages.com Editor


MOUNT VERNON - Colored lights were recently installed and turned on over the weekend on the Rastin Tower at Ariel Foundation Park. The beautiful display was a sight to behold Saturday night when the lights changed from blue to yellow to green to red.

Carrie Haver, Executive Director of the Foundation Park Conservancy, says the cost of the lights has been taken care of by a private donation. The individual has wanted to be able to light the tower since the park's creation and is now making it a reality.

Rastin tower lights

Ariel Foundation Park's Rastin Tower Saturday at dusk - KP Photo  

Haver said in an email, "Not a cent of city funds was spent, nor will it be. It actually is part of a larger project linking downtown and the park through the lights, which will also be lighting up the viaduct and the bike trail trestle bridge soon."

Plans are to change the colors throughout the year. They may do red, white an blue lights for the 4th of July, red and green at Christmas time and orange for MVHS home football games. Lights could be rented to honor a special anniversary or birthday. Details on these plans are yet to be worked out.

Learn more about Ariel Foundation Park at www.arielfoundationpark.org.

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