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Letter to the KP Editor - To Sen. Portman and Cong. Gibbs

Dear Senator Portman and Congressman Gibbs:

Who is for us if you two continue to support tax breaks for the already wealthy at the expense of your constituents? In a string of large, unfunded tax breaks for the wealthy starting with Reagan and continued by Bush and Trump, there has been no "trickle down." Instead, funding has been increasingly cut for education, libraries, public services, and local governments.

Why are we giving up so much so the rich can get richer? Why hasn't DeVos paid her $5.3 million fine for election fraud? Why haven't failed charter schools had to pay back what they took?

Mr. Gibbs, why did you vote to allow large companies to pollute rivers with pesticides under the false claim all companies already have to fill out two sets of forms? Only the very largest companies do, and should. You claim to care about the Great Lakes. What about our rivers and the people who live along them and the fish that live in them?

Sen. Portman, how can you accept the GOP's "health" plan that would strip so many Trump voters and other Ohioans of insurance through the Medicaid expansion? We are talking about real people here, people without the benefit of even more tax breaks. Hard-working families, with both parents working, need health care for their children, themselves, and their aging relatives. Too many older people in nursing homes are scared to death of being thrown out if Medicaid is reduced. Women who worked at lower wages and received smaller retirements do not have the cushion to protect them in old age. Young people who get cancer would have to sell their homes after paying for only two cancer treatments if they lost their Medicaid.

When did we become so callous and greedy that we badmouth people in genuine need while hiding money off shore and lobbying our congressmen to give us enormous tax breaks? That's not the America I know and love. It's time for you to serve us, not the polluters, the employers who don't want to observe safety regulations, and those who have no regard for the lives they ruin just so their profits can go up even more in the short term.

Time for integrity.

Jill Grubb


Letters to the KP Editor may be sent to [email protected]


Red Cross celebrates centennnial

GAMBIER - A celebration of the American Red Cross was held Thursday evening to mark the centennial of the non-profit organization. Awards were presented to those who have made an impact on the community through activities of the Red Cross. The celebration continues today at First Friday activities downtown as birthday cake is shared with the public.

Red Cross honorees 2017


American Red Cross celebrates 100 years with a centennial celebration at Kenyon College. Pictured are from left to right, Rod Cook, Red Cross Executive Director, Mark Ramser, Century of Service Award; Sam Barone, representing Mount Vernon/Knox County Community Foundation, Century of Service Award; Jan Reynolds, representing Ariel Foundation, Community Impact Award; Kennis Wilson, Lifesaving Award who administered CPR to a man who collapsed at his place of employment, Mary Lynn Foster, Red Cross Regional CEO, Ohio Buckeye Region. KP Photo


New Apple Valley pool set to open Saturday

By Marty Trese, KnoxPages.com Editor

HOWARD - The summer swimming season will kick off in a big way Saturday at noon as the new Apple Valley outdoor pool opens. There have been over two years of meetings and construction to complete the $630,000 project. The old pool was in bad shape and was demolished last year and the site filled in with dirt adjacent to the Apple Valley Clubhouse. The new pool is twice as big as the old one was built nearby on the site of the former tennis courts.

In addition to the pool, the site also has new fencing, landscaping and a maintenance/storage building.

 AV pool slide

New Apple Valley pool slide area - KP Photo

Apple Valley General Manager Jeff Harmer gave KnoxPages.com a tour Thursday. Features of the new pool include:

-4,800 square feet surface area
-107,000 gallons of water
-Zero entry with ADA compliant railing
-Slant jets
-Tipping buckets
-Recreational slide (users must be at least 48" tall)
-Depth ranges from 3'5" to 5'3"

Harmer says this pool will not have designated lap lanes since those are available at the Floral Valley Community Center indoor pool. Four lifeguards will be on staff at all times to keep an eye on swimmers. Capacity is 200 bathers.

Pool hours will be noon to 8 p.m. daily. Harmer encourages Apple Valley residents to be signed up for the KnoxAlerts, text messaging system, to be notified of pool closures or early closings due to weather.

For now the pool will not offer chairs. Harmer says there is not enough money in the budget for chairs and visitors are asked to bring their own. Harmer says a fund has been set up for chairs in the future. They hope to purchase 50 chairs once funds are available.

Amanda Smith is the Aquatics Supervisor. She is a certified pool operator, the lifeguard instructor and water safety instructor.

Pool use is only for Apple Valley property owners and up to six guests per owner.

AV pool zero entry 2

New Apple Valley pool features a zero entry area - KP Photo



New maternity home seeks to end poverty among unwed mothers

MOUNT VERNON - A new maternity home is being established with the goal, among other things, of ending poverty among un-wed mothers. With a 501(c)3 designation in hand, Place 4 Grace will now begin raising funds, finding a home location, and formulating a solid infrastructure to serve un-wed mothers and their families.

Place 4 Grace Maternity Home teaches un-wed mothers self sufficiency, in a safe, secure, & stable home; to reduce poverty & generational un-wed pregnancy cycles. Home culture includes parenting & life skills, (cooking, cleaning, & budgeting) as well as relationship education. Families are provided with an opportunity to create successful, healthy family cycles.

The goal of Place 4 Grace is to treat family members of our home the way Christ would; offering the knowledge of forgiveness, love, hope & of course Grace.

Kim White and Kandee Popham founded Place 4 Grace in November 2016. Most recently Place 4 Grace was awarded 501(c)3 tax exempt status by the IRS making all donations to Place 4 Grace tax deductible. Donations to Place 4 Grace can be mailed to PO Box 283, Mount Vernon, OH 43050 or made online at www.facebook.com/Place4Grace.

If you have information about a potential home location, corporate donors, funding sources and/or grant opportunities please contact Place 4 Grace.

Place 4 Grace can be contacted by mail at PO Box 283, Mount Vernon, OH 43050 or by email at [email protected]


Memorial Bridge designated for EK graduate Marine Cpl. Nathan Anderson

By Marty Trese, KnoxPages.com Editor

HOWARD – Memorial Day is more than a holiday for friends and family to get together. It is a day to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives in service to their country.  U.S. Marine Cpl. Nathan Anderson lost his life at age 22 while fighting the enemy in Iraq on November 12, 2004. According to militarytimes.com, Cpl. Anderson was serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom assigned to 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C. and killed in Anbar province, Iraq.

Anderson bridge sign 1

Cpl. Anderson's Memorial Bridge sign along U.S. 36 between Monroe Mills and Schenck Creek Roads - KP Photo

Cpl. Anderson was a 2001 graduate of East Knox High School.  His family talked to former State Representative Margaret Ann Ruhl to set the wheels in motion for the memorial bridge designation. The signs went up earlier this month along U.S. Route 36 at Monroe Mills Road over Schenck Creek. 

Ruhl said, “This is a great way to memorialize [military personnel] who gave up their lives for our freedom.”

Cpl. Anderson's older sister, Meg Anderson, told KnoxPages.com that family was very important to her brother. She and her brother fought like "cats and dogs" when they were younger but then became best friends as they got older. When Meg told Nate that she was pregnant with her first daughter, Adrianna, he was so excited to become an uncle. She said he looked so forward visiting with his family. Meg's youngest daughter, Milliena, is a 1st base softball player and wears #23, the same number worn by her uncle. Meg says the family gathers every November to remember Nate and have pie, because - as Meg says -"he hated cake." Meg says her kids will always know who Nate was.

 Cpl Anderson

Cpl. Nathan Anderson - photo courtesy Meg Anderson 

The location of the memorial is appropriate. "It's a really great honor to see that sign. We used to ride on that bridge. At one time we lived on the Apple Valley side and another on the Schenck Creek Road side, said Meg. "We used to play in that creek."  Meg says her family has shed some tears and has heard from many who have driven by the signs in the past couple of weeks.

When you drive by remember Marine Cpl. Nathan Anderson, whose sacrifice is the reason we observe Memorial Day. 




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