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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

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Training event offered for business owners and HR managers on employee retention

MOUNT VERNON - Turnover is a common dilemma for many local businesses.  Knox County Workforce Development (WorkDev) is sponsoring a 4 hour training event for business owners and Human Resources Managers presenting solutions for employee retention. 

The training will feature expert consultant Andrea Applegate who will present cost effective strategies that companies can implement to reduce turnover.  Applegate addresses multiple areas of improvement and describes how businesses can customize options to fit their industry and business needs.  In addition WorkDev will be reviewing Human Resources concepts including compensation strategies, how to calculate turnover costs, how to analyze the data provided in a wage survey. 

The 2016 Knox County Wage Survey will be distributed and major industry trends will be discussed.   

There is a cost for the four hours of professional training. For more information and to register call 740-393-2933.

For more details on WorkDev visit www.knoxworkforce.com.  WorkDev is an alliance of professionals from the Chamber of Commerce, Area Development Foundation, COTC, Knox Technical Center, Job and Family Services, Developmental Disabilities, Mount Vernon Nazarene University and area businesses.  


Committee forms to support city's request for 1/2 percent tax increase


By Cheryl Splain, KnoxPages.com Reporter

MOUNT VERNON — Gordon Yance, former president of First-Knox National Bank, will serve as the treasurer of Citizens for Mount Vernon, a ballot issue committee supporting the city's request for a ½ percent income tax increase.

Yance was a member of the City Finance Group, a group that met for a year to analyze the city's current finances and future projections. As a result of his work with the finance group, Yance said, “I became firmly convinced of the wisdom of placing the ½ percent income tax increase on the ballot.

Yance Gordy

Gordy Yance - file photo

“This is a nonpartisan issue from our perspective,” he continued. “It is solely for the future of Mount Vernon.”

The proposed tax increase will be targeted toward police and fire services. Yance said the current ½ percent income tax, which residents voted in 34 years ago, now only pays about half of the police and fire departments' needs. The additional ½ percent is “in the best interest of the citizens of Mount Vernon,” he said, adding that he and his wife Fran have made a commitment to financially support the ballot initiative.

Those wishing to support Citizens for Mount Vernon can mail contributions to P.O. Box 545, Mount Vernon, OH 43050.


MV Council hears another plea for speed bumps on Edgewood Road


MOUNT VERNON — At Monday's city council meeting, Dennis Swingle once again asked for the city's help in controlling truck traffic on Edgewood Road. He said that when he and other neighbors submitted a petition asking for speed bumps to be installed, he did not realize the magnitude of the problem.

He said that after meeting with Mayor Richard Mavis, Swingle was told that in 2016, 10 semi trucks were recorded on Edgewood Road in a 24-hour period. In March 2017, that number was over 62 semis in 24 hours.

“It really has pointed out to me that it's a huge problem and it's been going on for a while. The Mount Vernon Police Department can't get there in time to do anything about it,” he said, adding that he did not blame the MVPD because he knows it is spread thin.

Even if it is a temporary solution, Swingle said that speed bumps will help until the city comes up with something more permanent. “I am sure the semis would not appreciate speed bumps,” he said.

He thanked Safety-service Director Joel Daniels for tracking down a few of the drivers after neighbors provided license plates and truck numbers.

Health Commissioner Julie Miller updated council on the department's activities. Highlights include applying for up to $209,000 in grant money to assess gaps in and offer more tobacco cessation education in the county; the least amount the department will receive is $70,000 to $75,000.

The number of patients visiting the community health center continues to rise; plans are to open another dental position, and medical services are growing as well. The center is applying for a $150,000 grant to enhance mental health services within the health center's jurisdiction. Miller said plans are to hire another provider and technician to reach those who need mental health services.

Councilman John Francis read a proclamation designating September Hunger Action Month.

In other business, council:
*Directed Daniels to submit an application for grant money for the Parrot/South Main Street intersection improvement project
*Designated First-Knox National Bank, PNC Bank, STAR Ohio and Home Loan Savings Bank as depositories for the city's funds
*Approved appropriations that include $1,000 from the Foundation Park Conservancy for the Rastin Challenge, $636,228 from a FEMA grant for a new Quint fire truck, $11,821.07 in excess water bill collections, $1,500 from VFW Charities of Ohio for the police bike patrol, $337,900 Bureau of Workers Compensation refund and a $30,000 grant for the municipal court's MERIT Drug Court program.
*Approved fund transfers
*Adopted legislation banning the cultivating and dispensing of medical marijuana within the city limits
*Approved a $2-per-hour raise to bring the MERIT Drug Court's coordinator pay to $22.40 per hour. The city pays $17 of that; the rest is paid through grants.
*Approved an amendment to allow for two safety-service administrative assistants for a one-week period. Dee Woods will retire the end of September; the amendment allows for training of her replacement.


Historical Society wants to locate 1800's cabin near Dan Emmett House


By Cheryl Splain, KnoxPages.com Reporter

MOUNT VERNON — If city officials agree, another early1800s home will join the Dan Emmett House on the south end of town near the Kokosing River.

Mark Ramser, speaking to city council on behalf of the Knox County Historical Society on Monday night during a Parks and Lands Committee meeting, said the two-story cabin currently sits on Burtnett Road in Harrison Township. “We need to move it from its present location by November. We would reconstruct it next year,” said Ramser. “We thought it would be a nice location for it to be next to the Dan Emmett House.

“There will be no land transfer, we're just asking for the right to locate the cabin there and maintain it,” he said. Ramser said there will be no cost to the city other than possibly extending and paying for electricity in the future. The city pays the electric bill for the Dan Emmett House.

Ramser Cabin

Historic cabin to be moved to Mount Vernon adjacent to Dan Emmett house - photo courtesy of Mark Ramser

Larry Wise owns the cabin, which was built around 1810 to 1820 and was in the Dudgeon family for many years. It is 18-by-25 feet and in very good condition. “Richard Morey inspected it and said it's one of the better ones he's seen,” said Ramser. “We are planning to reconstruct the entire house.”

City Engineer Brian Ball said the proposed site will not interfere with the Kokosing Gap Trail bike path. Although the site is in FEMA's flood plain, it sits above the 100-year flood plain level.

Councilwoman Susan Kahrl, chairwoman of the Parks and Lands Committee, liked the idea and said the area will be “more enticing” with more than one building. No formal action was taken on Ramser's request.




Girls Scouts work to achieve Silver Award

By Marty Trese, KnoxPages.com Editor

MOUNT VERNON - While some teenagers may have enjoyed kicking back and relaxing last weekend, Isabel Hooley, 14, and Alaina Pullins,13, spent the weekend working to achieve one of the top honors in Girl Scouts - the Silver Award. The girls stained picnic tables, power washed a deck, swept and mopped at Camp Cornish on Cornish Road. Both are required to put in at least 50 hours on a project to receive the award. They are members of Troop 2793 led by Dena Hooley, Kathy Pullins and Sylvia Cook.

Girl Scouts silver award

Girl Scouts Isabel Hooley, left, Alaina Pullins, center and Kayleigh Ross stained picnic tables at Camp Cornish as part of Isabel and Alaina's Silver Award project. - KnoxPages.com photo

The project involves more than the physical labor.  The girls made a presentation to the Community Foundation for permission to complete the project.  They also sought funding from local attorney Scott Pullins, Alaina's dad, to purchase paint and other materials. 

Kayleigh Ross, a Centerburg 7th grader, helped out Isabel and Alaina.  She has plans for her own Silver Project in the future to make tie blankets for area law enforcement. 

Alaina said she likes the service and social aspects of scouting and "Friendships that last." 

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