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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

By Marty Trese, KnoxPages.com Managing Editor



MOUNT VERNON – The wildly popular Disney movie, ”Frozen”,  is so popular that, according to Eonline, has earned $1.2 billion worldwide.  Here in Knox County, a display of three of the movies characters in a white sleigh is wildly popular as well. A photo was posted Sunday to the KnoxPages.com Facebook page and it quickly received hundreds of likes and dozens of shares.

Children from all over the area are getting their pictures taken with it.  One can’t help but take a second look at it when stopped at the traffic light at the intersection of Gay and Gambier Streets.

Frozen wide shot

KnoxPages.com photo by Marty Trese

Becky Conkle, owner of the Hair Port Salon at 200 South Gay Street, has been putting up holiday displays for 30 years. She’s owned the salon at this location for ten years.  Last year, her display at Christmastime was the Grinch.  Conkle puts the displays together from things around her house. She says she saw the movie and then knew the “Frozen” display would be a big hit.

In the evening or when the weather is bad, the display is taken inside.  Conkle says she hopes to set it up again daily until New Year’s Day so that more can enjoy it.

According to the New Yorker, since its release, “Frozen” has earned $1.2 billion worldwide, becoming the fifth-highest-grossing film of all time and by far the highest-grossing animation. That’s not to mention two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe, a soundtrack garnered than a million album sales and seven million Spotify streams, official YouTube video views in the hundreds of millions, and a DVD that became Amazon’s best-selling children’s film of all time.

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