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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

by Cheryl Splain, KnoxPages.com reporter


MOUNT VERNON — Connecting two garden hoses with a straw is the analogy City Auditor Terry Scott uses to describe the current water line situation on Pleasant Street between North Main and Mulberry streets.

At a committee meeting Monday night to discuss street resurfacing projects, City Engineer Cameron Keaton explained that the current 4-inch pipe needs upgraded to match the 12-inch pipes on each end of the 4-inch line. Replacing this 4-inch section will complete a 12-inch-pipe loop to Coshocton Ave. Keaton suggested council members consider the option of combining the water line project with brick replacement in order to avoid tearing up the street twice. Council members agreed it makes sense to do both projects simultaneously; the issue is where the money will come from to complete both projects.

The $326,000 cost breaks down to $69,000 for water line work, $47,000 for storm sewer work and $210,000 for brick replacement.  The $69,000 is available in the water utility fund and the $47,000 will come from the capital improvement fund; the $210,000 would come from money allocated for street resurfacing.

Six streets are on the 2015 resurfacing list at a cost of $432,567; nine streets remaining from 2014 are also on the list. However, the resurfacing budget for 2015 is $419,000. No brick replacement project was completed in 2014. If council opts to do the Pleasant Street brick project in conjunction with the utility work, that leaves $209,000 for resurfacing.

Council members discussed possible funding options and whether more of the roads could be sealed rather than resurfaced. Keaton said sealing is most effective for 1- to 3-year-old roads when cracks first develop, not for older roads.

A resolution authorizing the safety-service director to solicit bids and contract for 2015 street resurfacing received its first reading in the legislative council session. Streets on the list include:
*Beech Street, Sychar Road to Vernonview Drive
*Bond Street, Coshocton Ave. to Pleasant Street
*Catherine Street, Pleasant Street to Boyle Street
*Cherry Street, Maplewood Ave. to West High Street
*Marita Drive, Highland Drive to Vernonview Drive
*Ohio Avenue, Sandusky Street to Gay Street

Remaining from 2014:
*Braddock Street, Pleasant Street to Boyle Street
*Edgewood Road, Gambier Road to Mount Vernon Ave.
*Laurel Court, Laurelwood Drive cul-de-sac
*Laurel Hill Court, Laurel Valley Drive to cul-de-sac
*Laurel Valley Drive, cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac
*Laurelwood Drive, park Road to Laurel Valley Drive
*New Gambier Road, Edgewood Road to Teryl Drive
*Sunset Street, Mulberry Street to Mansfield Road
*Mound View Cemetery streets

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