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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

MOUNT VERNON - This Thursday, June 11th,  from 1-4 p.m. the Knox County Prosecutor's Office and the Ohio Attorney General's Office will be hosting a Community Action Meeting regarding the heroin problem in Knox County.

The meeting is titled, "Be a Part of the Change, HELP, Heroin Education leads to Prevention."

Community members who have been imvited include those from the hospital and recovery centers, law enforcement, the schools, local legislators, businesses, and other areas. They will come together to talk about how each sector of the community is affected by heroin and what their specific needs are. The Attorney General's Office is going to assist with finding current programs that fit Knox County's needs or funding sources for new programs that will benefit the county.

Prosecutor McConville is also going to give a presentation regarding the prosecution of drugs and how he believes we can build a stronger community.

Earlier this spring, McConville said, "There's got to be a concerted effort from law enforcement, from public health, from the mental health professionals, and the addiction professionals here in Knox County to provide more in the way of counseling services."

McConville also announced that his office will be sending out letters to landlords to try to get them to do a more thorough screening of tenants. Landlords who are aware of drug activity on their properties but don't report it could be charged with permitting drug abuse. 

There will also be a live stream of Prosecutor McConville's presentation to the public on Periscope. Periscope is a live video streaming app for iOS and Android.  Links to the broadcast will be published on Twitter the day of the event.

During the Community Action Meeting, the prosecutor's office along with BHP of Central Ohio will be hosting a chat on Twitter regarding heroin use and recovery in Knox County.

Prosecutor's office spokesperson Emily Morrison said, "You can find us on Twitter @KnoxProsecutor and @BHPCO using the hashtag #HELPKnox. We want the public to participate in this discussion so we can answer questions and hear their concerns."

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