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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

GAMBIER - The Mount Vernon Small Schools invitational swim meet hosted by MVHS was held Saturday, December 19th at the Kenyon Athletic Center. MVHS Coach Josh Kline said all 38 teams, 540 athletes, "brought their best game." Parents, staff, Kenyon, and the MVHS worked together to make the event a success. The final scores came in with the MVHS girls’ team placing 5th out of 31 teams and the boys’ team gaining 7th out of 27 teams.
Kline reported the following MVHS personal and seasonal bests:

Danielle Sant: 50 Backstroke; 50 Freestyle; 500 Freestyle
Fiona Keller: 50 Backstroke; 50 Freestyle; 100 Freestyle
Ellie Broeren: 200 Freestyle; 100 Freestyle

Rachel Duvall: 200 Freestyle
Tim Mahan: 200 Freestyle
Zane Winyard: 200 Freestyle

Aidan Clarkson: 200 Individual Medley; 100 Backstroke; 100 Freestyle
Sarah Powell: 50 Freestyle; 100 Breaststroke
Amanda Miglin: 50 Freestyle

Logan Meyer: 50 Freestyle; 100 Freestyle
Andrew Parker: 100 Butterfly
Sulekh Fernando-Peiris: 100 Butterfly; 50 Freestyle

Alex Diehl: 100 Butterfly
Corrine Eutsey: 100 Freestyle; 100 Breaststroke
Kendra Spitzer: 100 Freestyle; 50 Freestyle; 100 Backstroke

Isabel McDonald: 100 Freestyle; 100 Backstroke
Marshall Smith: 100 Freestyle
Valerie Stichert: 500 Freestyle

Keith Robinson: 500 Freestyle
Camille Fitzswimmons: 200 Freestyle
Garrett Rhodeback: 200 Freestyle; 100 Backstroke

Daria O’Brien: 100 Freestyle
Valerie Stichert: 500 Freestyle

The next MVHS swim meet is at Kenyon December 23 @ 9:00 AM.

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