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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

(MOUNT VERNON) The Mount Vernon Fire Department was called at 03:41 this morning for the report of a fire at 2 McGibney Road, Apartment A. First arriving crews found the apartment heavily involved in fire. The fire was contained at 03:54. After initial investigation, the area of origin of the fire is determined to be the foot of the bed. Heated components of the bed and bedding spread to the carpeted floor and subsequently ignited miscellaneous household items and furnishings. The fire appears to have vented itself through the ā€œCā€ or East side window. Samples were extracted from the carpet and window area of the fire room in order to test for possible accelerants. The fire has been determined to be Arson. Up to a $5000 reward is being offered to any person(s) furnishing information leading to the identification of person(s) responsible for the fire.

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