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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

Dear KP Editor,

Instead of draining the swamp and helping many of his supporters, Trump has nominated a series of billionaires and Wall Street cheaters for his Cabinet.

Betsy Devos, for Dept. of Education, is a billionaire with no experience with public schools. She never went to one, or sent her kids to one. Instead, she’s spent millions supporting charter schools. Although a few are good, they have drained money from public schools, lowering achievement rates. Meanwhile many charter schools fail to meet any standards. Furthermore, Ms. DeVos’ PAC, used to support legislators who favor charter schools, violated Ohio’s campaign finance laws and incurred fines and fees of $5.3 million, which she has refused to pay. A bullying billionaire who runs roughshod over rules is not worthy of a Cabinet position. Even our own Senator Portman, who received $51,000 from her in donations, will vote for her, despite her lack of knowledge.

Tom Price, Health and Human Services nominee, made millions on insider trading and then sponsored legislation to enrich the companies whose shares he’d bought. He wants to privatize Medicare, which Trump promised to protect, and is opposed to keeping protection for pre-existing conditions. In his eagerness to remove health care for millions, he will be stripping some of Trump’s supporters of their health insurance.

Andrew Puzder, Trump’s nominee for Sec. of Labor, is opposed to any minimum wage, let alone raising it. He doesn’t agree with equal pay for equal work and sides with high management profits ahead of decent pay for workers. This will not help the struggling middle class.

The President’s moves will enrich the already wealthy, allow corporations to pollute at the expense of Americans’ health and the environment, strip regular Americans of services that would protect them against predators, alienate our allies, destabilize the world further, rob families of the ability to plan when to have children, and keep businesses and citizens off balance in the winds of his whims and unthought-out actions.

I’d like to see our president actually care for Americans, tell the truth, use government agencies who can inform him and prevent blunders, and consult with people besides his racist sidekick Bannon. Greatness does not lie in bullying and ignorance. It’s time to be stewards of the Earth, help the least of God’s people, listen and be kind.

Jill Grubb

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