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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

By Adam Taylor for KnoxPages.com

MOUNT VERNON – Providing practical self-defense training has always been a goal for David Lashley in his two decades as a martial artist and instructor.

The latest project the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt undertaking is to bridge the gap between basic self-defense and the Jiu Jitsu system he has poured his heart into. A new curriculum will be deployed at the LJJA Training Center in the coming weeks, offering beginners with little to no experience an introductory path into the world of unarmed self-defense.

Inspired by the TRITAC self-defense system, the course will focus on the skills to survive and teach students ways to fight and protect others in crisis situations. The long-term goal is to provide a smooth transition from basic self-defense to a more involved defensive tactics program where students can polish their skills over time. Although the first course is a great pre-requisite for those without experience, anyone who feels they are ready may enroll in the TRITAC defensive tactics class.

“We’ll start with simple tactics that will work for men, women and even children,” said Lashley. “Think of it compared to a basic first aid class. You’ll learn some the basics in something like a three to four hour course. It’s basically the essentials.”

The idea of the introductory courses is not to groom students as fighters.

“We’ll go over situational and environmental awareness and look at basic tactics to avoid and escape bad situations,” he said. “We want to give you the tools to get out of a bad situation and into a safe space.”

The program will not only deploy techniques and ideas from the TRITAC system, but also from Lashley’s toolbox of multi-disciplined training, which includes certification in Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement. Aside from his time in the dojo earning belt rankings, Lashley can pull from his training and experience with 15 years in the criminal justice field.

As more and more people look for ways to protect themselves and their family members, nothing makes more sense than to begin with unarmed self-defense, he said. Course participants can expect a streamlined, practical system of reality-based martial arts.

LJJA self defense 32017 ATLJJA Training Center Founder Dave Lashley demonstrates techniques from the TRITAC self-defense system on his son and current LJJA operator Ian Lashley. Photo submitted

“This is not a traditional-based martial arts program,” said Lashley. “Everything we teach is reality based.” TRITAC’s system is broad and equipped to teach the integration of knife, handgun and empty handed fighting skills rolled up into one modern martial art designed for the streets.

The bridge into an advanced combatives program can occur when a student feels he or she is ready to take it to the next step. This, he said, is where classes will become more intense. Announcements on upcoming class schedules will be available on the training center’s website at www.ljja.org.

With practical self-defense in mind, also coming soon to the LJJA course catalog is the “Dirty Dozen” which will feature 12 of Kenpo Karate’s deadliest techniques. Drawing from origins of Chinese Kenpo, the class will be taught by fellow Jiu Jitsuist Michael Hunter, who also holds a Second-Degree Black Belt ranking in the Tracy’s Kenpo Karate system.

Recognized as one of the most popular self-defense systems in martial arts, participants can expect a more intense spin on techniques from the manual originally taught by American Kenpo Founder Ed Parker and refined by Jim and Al Tracy.

Information on the Dirty Dozen will be announced on the LJJA Training Center home page and on Facebook.

The LJJA Training Center is located on South Main Street in Mount Vernon, across from Domino’s Pizza in the former Escape Zone building.

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