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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

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MVPD reports October 22, 2013

MVPD reports

No reports available

Traffic Violations:

Daniel J. McDade, 67, of Mount Vernon was cited just before noon on Saturday for driving under a suspended license. He was cited also for driving a vehicle with an expired registration.

Michael L. Lonzo, 52, of Mount Vernon was cited just after 1:00 p.m. on Sunday for operating a vehicle while under the influence. He was cited also for failing to control his vehicle.

No reports available

Just after 4:00 p.m. last Wednesday (10/16/2013), a resident of Plaza Drive reported the theft of $129 in cash from his home.

At 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, a resident of Kirk Street reported the theft of a PlayStation 3 game system and a PS3 Dead Red game. Their estimated value was $700.

At around 7:40 p.m. on Monday, a resident found a clear plastic baggie containing white crystals on N. Main Street. It was taken into police custody.

At around 8:20 p.m. on Monday, a resident of the 400-block of N. Gay Street reported that a man had tried to enter the window of her residence. A suspect was identified.

Tenant responsibility addressed by City Council looking to revise property maintenance ordinances

by Cheryl Splain, KnoxPages.com reporter


MOUNT VERNON — The issue of tenant responsibility drew the most discussion when city council members met Monday to begin revising the city’s property maintenance ordinances. Property owners who have rental properties are interested in seeing the tenant’s scope of responsibility expanded rather than the property owner/landlord being the city’s first recourse for correcting violations.

“Tenants know they are not liable,” said George Small, one of several landlords who attended the meeting. “More and more of the ordinances are sending a message to tenants that they are not responsible.”

Landlord Claude Gates acknowledged that the property owner/landlord is the final recourse for rectifying violations; however, he said that if it is on record that an individual failed to correct violations, that helps him screen his tenants and he will not rent to that person.

The draft ordinance states that tenants may be held responsible for violations if the landlord-tenant lease specifically states issues such as garbage, rubbish, solid waste and weeds are the tenant’s responsibility. Council members agreed that if this stipulation is in the lease, the city will look first to the tenant to correct violations.

The issue was revisited when council began discussing recovering fees for enforcement of the maintenance ordinances. The draft ordinance states the property owner will be assessed the penalties and expenses. Council members said the landlord/property owner is responsible because tenants often move, are unable to be located and cannot or will not pay. The landlords want the tenant to be contacted first. Requesting the city to take “a little bit of the hit, not just get everything from the property owner,” Small said taking a tenant to court to recover the cost of expenses/penalties is not feasible because local courts will not evict a tenant unless back rent is due. Councilwoman Nancy Vail ultimately asked City Law Director Chip McConville to see if he can come up with language satisfactory to both sides.

Responsibilities and Rights of the Building Maintenance Enforcement Officer
The BMEO will be appointed by and report to the safety-service director. He is authorized to enforce the maintenance ordinances and can render interpretations of the ordinances; he does not adopt policies and procedures. He can recommend condemnation or demolition of a structure; the final decision will be made by the Board of Building Maintenance Appeals. The BMEO will make all required site inspections, issue all notices or orders to ensure compliance, and maintain and retain official records of business and activities.

The BMEO does not have right of entry to a structure or premises. He can request permission to enter from the occupant or owner; if permission is denied, he can request the law director to seek a search warrant.

Board of Building Maintenance Appeals
The Board of Building Maintenance Appeals will consist of the city engineer or designee, fire chief or designee, Knox County health commissioner or designee, and two residents of the city appointed by the mayor and approved by City Council. Four members constitute a quorum. The law director or designee will attend all meetings.

A property owner or tenant can appeal an enforcement order to the board. The $100 appeal fee will be refunded if the board finds in favor of the appellant. Appeals must be filed within 30 days of violation notice. The board may uphold, modify or reverse an enforcement order.

The board will also hold hearings in the event a structure is recommended for condemnation or demolition. All decisions of the board can be appealed to the Knox County Court of Common Pleas.

Council initiated discussion of Chapter 1305 of the draft ordinance which covers property maintenance requirements such as exterior maintenance, sidewalks and driveways. Due to the discussion generated and the lateness of the hour, council postponed discussion of this section until the next meeting of the Planning and Zoning Committee. The next meeting will be from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 28; this is prior to council’s regular 7:30 p.m. session.

Crews work on Mount Vernon City Hall entrance

MOUNT VERNON -- Construction crews are busy dismantling the front steps of City Hall this week.  Mayor Richard Mavis says that residents who have business to conduct inside should use the east side door or the back entrance.

Mavis also announced that the city leaf pick up will begin next week.Tthe hope is to pick up all the leaves by Thanksgiving. You can also drop leaves off at Foundation Park after entering from Harcourt Road. 

Hear more from Mavis in this mini-podcast interview: https://soundcloud.com/mount-vernon-radio-com/mayor-mavis-talks-about-city

Break-in reported at Centerburg grocery store

CENTERBURG -- The Knox County Sheriff's office is reporting a burglary at the Hometown Market on Columbus Road. Officers responded to an alarm at the business last Sunday night. Officers discovered the glass from the front door had been broken out and entry made to the business.  An unknown amount of cigarettes and alcohol had been taken. 

The Sheriff's Office is also investigating these thefts:

*30-40 metal framing studs and approximately 50 sticks of metal conduit from behind an address on Harcourt Road 

*a red Honda 4trx 400cc 4-wheeler with a ball hitch welded on the back from a residence on Keller Road, Butler  

*a side sliding glass door was unlocked and items were on the floor near the back bedroom in a residence on New Guilford Road, Bladensburg. All the drawers in the bedroom were pulled out from the dressers. The victim stated that the only thing that was missing was $80 cash and a check made out to Otto landscaping and property management for $45.00. It was also observed that the medicine cabinet was opened up in the bathroom. Fingerprints were dusted for in the bathroom and on the sliding door to the side of the residence.



Sheriff's office reports on K-9 sniff at EK schools

Knox County Sheriff David Shaffer reports that on Friday, October 18, Knox County deputies along with K9 units from the Ohio State Highway Patrol and Danville Police Dept. conducted a check of the East Knox Middle School and High School. Three K9’s from the State Patrol and one from Danville Police department conducted the check.

The K9’s are trained in detecting and alerting to the scent of certain illegal drugs. The check consisted of lockers, book bags, and vehicles on school grounds and took about two hours. All students remained in their classrooms during this time. One item was turned in prior to the search.

No illegal items were discovered during the check.


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