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Letter to the KP Editor - Water alert warning comes after the fact

Dear KP Editor:

Why is it that Knox County can send out boil advisory "lifted" notices, but not the initial "boil alert warning"... Seems as if their warning system needs scrutiny. Given the fact the texts are indeed a "warning" notification -wouldn't the precedent be the actual BOIL WARNING?

I suppose my tax dollars are paying for the notification - I'd like to see it working in favor of the entire warning process.

Kind regards,
Kim Cox

Water Department issues statement on city website

MOUNT VERNON - The following was posted on the city of Mount Vernon website on April 18, 2016:

The water customers of the City of Mount Vernon and Village of Gambier are requested to conserve water.

Due to the replacement of a pump at the well we will need to run at a reduced production rate for a few days. The Employees will fill the system to the maximum level possible before the reinstallation of the pump. With your cooperation we foresee the ability to keep up with demand thus not having to issue a city-wide boil advisory. Some consumers may experience low water pressure during this time.

Ways to save water:
• Take shorter showers
• Turn faucet off while brushing teeth
• Do not wash your vehicles
• Wash only full loads of dishes or clothing
• Do not leave water running while rinsing dishes

Thank you for your cooperation, if you have any concerns please call the City of Mount Vernon water department at 740-393-9504.

Ariel Foundation teams with Habitat for Humanity's Brush with Kindness for neighborhood spruce up

MOUNT VERNON - Volunteers armed with rakes, shovels, work gloves, and a desire to help neighbors spruce up their homes participated in the Brush with Kindness with Habitat for Humanity over the weekend. Volunteers and businesses donated time and materials to help out seven homeowners on Cottage and Cooper streets and at Pleasant Street Elementary School.

Habitat for Humanity's Christi Hawkins said, "We live in the best community ever. We have the most wonderful people living here and thanks to Ariel Foundation they reached out to all these companies and this was the response." Hawkins said she spent January and February walking up and down Cottage Street trying to get residents to agree to allow the work to be done at their homes.

Brush with Kindness 16 4Brush with Kindness 16 3

Volunteers participated in the Brush with Kindness event last weekend - KnoxPages.com photos by Marty Trese

Those who participated include teams from: Ariel Foundation, Gay Street United Methodist Church, First Knox National Bank, Rotary, Kiwanis, Kenyon College, LifePoint Church, Siemens, TD Landscape, 2016 Leadership Knox Class, Knox County Career Center, Keith Chester, Colby Clippinger, OSU Newark-LeFevre Fellows & COTC.

See more pictures of the Brush with Kindness event on our KnoxPages.com Facebook page.

Editor's blog: Boil Alert issued, communication lacking

By Marty Trese, KnoxPages.com Editor


Kenyon College sent out an alert at 5:26 Tuesday evening stating a boil alert is in effect for the village of Gambier. Posts on Facebook indicate that there is a boil alert also in effect for the city of Mount Vernon. A boil order for students living in dorm rooms brings up an interesting question, what if a student doesn't have the means to boil water?

KnoxPages.com contacted the MVPD and a dispatcher said they had no information on the order. The city water department was closed at 4:00 p.m. and the voice mail for after hours calls mentions that the office will be closed January 18th, but no mention of a boil order in effect.

Those who have signed up for KnoxAlerts, the system where one can sign up for such alerts could have received info about the boil alert.  But what about the rest of the population of Mount Vernon and Gambier? 

A boil order is usually just a precaution used when a water main is ruptured and there's a chance that water could be contaminated.  This lack of communication with the public and the local media underscores the necessity for the city, county, and the villages to hold a summit to address communication when something other than a boil order is issued. We hope that such a meeting is convened immediately.

While "unofficial" comments on the boil order were posted on social media Tuesday evening, no official agency communication appeared to be available.  

Any water official is welcome to contact KnoxPages.com anytime 24/7 at 740-501-7019 so we can pass the information on to the public.  Emails can be sent to [email protected]  Questions remain:

  • Why is there a boil alert?
  • Those who don't have access to a kitchen for boiling (college students in dorms),what are they supposed to do for water? 
  • How long is this boil order in effect?
  • Why isn't there a system in place to inform ALL residents of this?

OSU Men's Glee Club presents eclectic program

By Marty Trese, KnoxPages.com Editor


MOUNT VERNON - It's been said that music soothes the soul and that certainly was the case Friday evening as the Ohio State University Men's Glee Club performed a concert to benefit the scholarship fund of the OSU Alumni Club of Knox County at the Gay Street United Methodist Church. Attendees enjoyed vocal performances of several genres and traditions including sacred, gospel, and even a Big 10 (now 14) college medley.  In addition to choral music, the Glee Club presented an oboe solo. 

The Glee Club has performed in Mount Vernon before and their performance always includes a serenade to a special lady. This time it was Mary Cline who coordinates the Hot Meals food ministry at the church. Ms. Cline also led the effort to feed the performers prior to the concert. 

Mens Glee Club

The OSU Men's Glee Club performing at the Gay Street Methodist Church Friday evening
 KnoxPages.com photo by Marty Trese

The importance of the OSU Alumni Club of Knox County's efforts to provide scholarships to local OSU students was underscored when almost all of the singers raised their hand when asked who receives financial aid in order to attend the university. 

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