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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

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Disturbance on E. 5th St.


Angela M. Keene, Mansfield, arrested for OVI and endangering children

Trash complaint on Cassell Rd.

DOA report on Front St.

Vehicle unlock on Wooster Rd.

Civil matter on W. 1st St.

Assisted the Sheriff’s Office on Zolman Rd.

Suspicious person on Bollinger Dr.


Disturbance on High St.

Vehicle unlock on Simons Ave.

Well-being check on S. Main St.

Suspicious person on Malibu Cir.

Theft of fuel on W. Sandusky St.

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On 3-11-17, Jamie Parker, 20, Howard, was arrested for obstructing official business.

On 3-12-17, Colin Grogg, 24, Fredericktown, was arrested and charged with open container.

On 3-13-17, Rayannen Crumet, 21,Columbus Rd. was arrested for causing a disturbance.

On 3-13-17, Matthew Bigboy, 22, Johnstown, was arrested for causing a disturbance.



On 3-13-17, an officer met with a woman whose grandchildren had found a hypodermic syringe on Madison St. One of the children showed the officer where the syringe was on the corner of Madison and Chester streets. The syringe, which had a dark liquified substance in it was placed in the sharps container in car #3 for disposal.

On 3-13-17, a woman who lives on Cottage St. reported found property that involved drug paraphernalia She stated that she had a few people staying with her temporarily. After discovering what she believed to be drugs being used, she found several items in their property when moving their items to another location at her residence. The items were seized and placed into found property at the MVPD to be destroyed at a later date. A written statement was collected.


On 3-13-17, Ashley Cummings was stopped facing eastbound in traffic at the private property stop sign in the parking lot. Carolyn Shaffer, also eastbound struck the rear of Cummings.


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