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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

MOUNT VERNON- Veteran WMVO radio personality Dave Bevington announced on the station this morning that he is leaving the station July 5th after 42 years in broadcasting. Bevington's controversial talkshow, "Open Debate" has been on the air for seven years. Over his career, Bevington has served in various capacities such as Operation Manager, News Director and Sports Director.  He will continue to host the popular "Spearman Financial Services Sports Roundtable Show" during football season.

Bevington told the audience this morning that he has been offered a job as office manager at the Knox County Veterans Service Office. 

When asked what he would like to say to his listeners, Bevington said, "Thanks for being there." He said he has made a lot of friends over the years. He made a point to remember the late Charlie Kilkenny who started the annual Food for the Hungry drive which has progressed to a community-wide effort to help those in need.  Kilkenny and Bevington worked together for many years at WMVO.  Bevington also talked about working with former WMVO program director, Ron Staats, for 30 years.

As for the future of the Open Debate show, Bevington said he didn't know what the future will be.  The show was reduced to one hour within the past year by the station's current owner, BAS Broadcasting. 

KnoxPages.com wises Dave the best of luck in his new career with the VSO.



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