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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

By Marty Trese, KnoxPages.com Editor


HOWARD - Apple Valley beach goers are reminded the ongoing effort to control the goose population is on through September 15th. AV General Manager Jeff Harmer tells KnoxPages.com that six hunters are using shotguns loaded with birdshot to hunt geese at King and Davis Beaches and at Bennett Park between sunrise and sunset.

Harmer says that for the last 10-12 years they have conducted a controlled hunt of the birds whose droppings make for an unpleasant beach experience. The Apple Valley Property Owners Association has spent $26,000 on a beach cleaning machine to get the goose droppings off the beaches three or more times per week. Cleaning helps keep the e-coli levels down in the lake and on the sand.

Harmer says the hunters take the geese. AVPOA is not permitted by law to have a goose dinner for the community following the hunt, something Harmer says is "disappointing."

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