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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

Knox County Sheriff David Shaffer has issued an updated warrant list. These individuals are being sought by authorities:
Ooten-Webb, Travis    DOB:    1989    10TRC02337    KCS
Spinneweber, Joseph    DOB: 1993    12CRB00950  MVP
Strong, Matthew        DOB:       1994        13CRB00496  MVP
Shaffer says the following warrants have been cancelled:
Hoover, Nicholas        DOB: 1992    13CRB00324  KCS
Howland, John            DOB: 1991     09CRB00294 & 09CRB00365   MVP
Johnson, Roger          DOB: 1960    13CRB00374    MVP
Keener, Kelsi              DOB    1987        13CRB00153    MVP
Manausa, Sherry        DOB  1973    13CRB00381    MVP
Price, Brittany             DOB   1988    11CRB01231    MVP
Sivits, David J.            DOB  1986    12TRC05456 & 12CRB01350  KCS
Vail, Michael               DOB  1961    10TRC04951    MV

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