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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

By Marty Trese, KnoxPages.com Editor


MOUNT VERNON – Mayor Dick Mavis confirmed to KnoxPages.com that the city received a one line resignation on Monday at noon from attorney Sam Shamansky on behalf of long-time Mount Vernon Police Detective Matt Dailey. The resignation notification came a few hours before a pre-disciplinary meeting was to be held on Dailey’s case. Dailey was placed on administrative leave September 18th.

Last week, Dailey, who was the head detective for the MVPD, was arrested and jailed on various charges leveled by the FBI. The criminal complaint alleges Dailey used his position with the MVPD to extort others, traffic in narcotics, and use a firearm while committing drug trafficking crimes.

Mavis said, “We have a 30 person department, he [Dailey] was one. We still have officers patrolling the streets, responding to issues. This is a difficult time for us…one of surprise and shock.. he was a good, effective member of the department.  I am saddened by this development. “

Last Friday, Detective Beth Marti was sworn in to lead the detective division. Detective J.T. DeChant was also promoted.


Read the U.S. District Court complaint vs. Dailey here



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